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Feb 02,  · Slow PC Fighter scans your computer in search of erroneous registry entries and other elements that could slow down your computer, and quickly repairs them. Using the program is as easy as following these two simple steps: scan your PC with one click and repair the errors with another click. SLOW-PCfighter is a straightforward Registry cleaner that will scan for and remove unnecessary Registry clutter in an attempt to speed up your PC. The program is very easy to use. Launch it, click the Start button, and SLOW-PCfighter will start examining your Registry for problems. Sep 10,  · SLOW-PCfighter is on hand to find what’s causing your woes and to also provide a solution. The Windows program helps to scan your PC to find errors, it then repairs these errors in just one click and then provides you with a faster PC with no registry errors.4/10().


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SLOW-PCfighter has $19 written on the price tag and for testing purposes it comes as a demo, allowing the user to scan the system and view all detected errors and correct only 25 of : Editor profile and more articles by Ionut Ilascu. Jul 08,  · SLOW-PCfighter is a program that allows you to optimize your computer for a better performance. The program is capable of solving problems such as invalid paths, useless file extensions, invalid file associations, empty uninstall entries, non-existent startup apps and unused help files/5(51). Dec 15,  · SLOW-PCfighter is a registry cleaning program. If you keep getting popups about it then I would consider that to malware. Jim Coates — 16 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards — Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins.
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Has your PC slowed down lately? Have you ever felt irritated and annoyed while sitting in front of your slow Computer, impatiently staring at the screen? If you recognize any of this, don’t panic! There are numerous reasons for slow PCs and any PC might get slower with time. It just means that your PC needs professional help! Follow spamfighter. A new Registry Defrag utility which will defragment and then compact the Windows registry to reduce the space and amount of memory it takes up.

Removing wasted space will improve the performance of the whole system. An updated interface gives a better overview of the process of finding and correcting errors and speeding up a slow PC. The new interface is also more user-friendly and simply more pleasing to the eye! A better engine for locating errors has been implemented. Our programmers have done a great job of improving the performance of the error search process and the engine will now do an even more thorough analysis of your system.

And it didn’t take very long to complete. These problems slow down your computer because Windows needs more time to load, search, and read data from the Registry. But fortunately, SLOW-PCfighter is a very useful tool that is able to solve this problem easily after just a couple of clicks. The well-structured interface does not leave any room for confusion. The registry cleaner does a good job with nailing the errors and eliminating them for the stability of the system. Backup options intervene automatically by default, saving the data before deleting it.

SLOW-PCfighter seeks out and removes all unused entries in your registry from failed software, driver installations and faulty uninstallations and optimizes Windows startup. Fixing the errors and trying to speed up your slow computer manually can take a lot of your precious time and can be very risky too! If you somehow delete central files it can cause your system to crash!

Slow PC? Optimize your slow computer for a better performance and extend the life of your PC Has your PC slowed down lately? How it works and how your slow PC can become much faster!

Highlights in the new version are:. Invalid paths. Useless file extensions. Obsolete software entries. Non-existent shared dlls.

Invalid custom controls. Empty uninstall entries. Non-existent startup programs. Invalid file associations. Buy now. Help your computer become as good as brand new.