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Download Skype for your computer, mobile, or tablet to stay in touch with family and friends from anywhere. Jun 09,  · The newest version of Skype, version , adds a couple of interesting features. It improves the call quality and adds support for Myspace users. If you use MySpace, you can simply find and add people with your Myspace account. You can call 5/5(K). Nov 19,  · 1,, Downloads. Skype out of 5 based on 28 ratings. File Size: MB. Date Released: Nov 19, Works on: Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows Me / Windows / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8. Doesn’t Work on: Add info/5.


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May 24,  · Skype is a free, mega popular Net voice call software that uses P2P technology to provide low bandwidth usage combined with high audio quality. The software has been developed by the same guys who created the original Kazaa P2P application (but they don’t run Kazaa anymore), but without anything “shady” in it — Skype simply takes the idea of P2P networks and extends it into Net 4/5(9). Skype free download – Skype (Classic), Skype Recorder, iSkoot for Skype (BlackBerry), and many more programs. Nov 19,  · 1,, Downloads. Skype out of 5 based on 28 ratings. File Size: MB. Date Released: Nov 19, Works on: Windows 95 / Windows 98 / Windows Me / Windows / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8. Doesn’t Work on: Add info/5.
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Latest Emoticons flagabrosexual flagagender flagbigender flagdemisexual flaggenderflux flagneutrois flagpangender yammer teams recycle. Latest Releases Skype 8. Latest Testimonials khanhmy : Thank you so much for your tips. That’s helps me a lot!!! Bless you all, Kate GabKul : Excellent solution. Worked well for me with the chrome download provided and with the web Win 10, Skype 8. All working OK ;- bobbo : Very impressed. Retired, hobby is fixing old Thinkpads, most of which run XP, spent a lot of time tr… Daniel : It worked great!

Downloaded the vbscript and it works! Thanks :- Shurer : Hi! Thanks, it is working! Thank you very much for the suggested solution with Chrome.

Worked very good on Vista. Now I can…. How to run older versions of Skype for Windows 9 march at 88 comments Guidelines , Windows. In my opinion, the most unpleasant and only undeniable shortcoming of the latest versions of Skype is impossibility of making video calls on older processors without the support of the SSE2 instruction set. In order to help such users to enjoy video calls on older computers again, I decided to write a guide on installing version 6. Since version 6.

Thus, you can use Skype, as if the version was still supported, and most importantly, all the basic functions work: video calls, audio calls and instant messages. Installation If you already have Skype installed, remove it from the control panel. In the same folder, open the folder with your Skype login and delete the file config. Download the old version 6. If after installation Skype has started automatically, it is very important to close it. Download version 7. After installing version 7.

The first one starts version 7. Before going on, make sure that you have succeeded. If everything is correct, log in using your username and password. Of course, you can switch between versions at any time for example, run 6.

Before you start one of the versions, make sure that no other version is running for example, before running 6. Authorization data are saved for a limited period of time approximately 30 days from the last login to Skype. After the expiration of this period, you will have to run the new version again and authorize to it.

If after authorization to the old version, Skype closes automatically and requires a password, close Skype and delete the files shared. However, these versions have been changed by strangers, can contain viruses, and Skype developers forbid their use. I cannot guarantee that tomorrow this method will still work.

Therefore, I highly recommend, if possible, update and always use the latest version. Related Posts: Versions of Skype 7.

As I indicated, first of all you need to uninstall current Skype version from Control Panel. Do not work for me. Please help me to pay for a solution to the problem. Are you sure that you followed the instructions as indicated? Yes I have. Can not you make a video?

OS: Windows 7. I uploaded a video here: how-to-run-older-versions-of-skype-for-windows. Then I understand. But must select auto login for it to work. I have three skype accounts running at the same time how do you solve it? About your question, look here How to run multiple Skype accounts at the same time? If you need to run these accounts under 6. It’s works for me too with skype 6. I have one skype 6. On other laptop i wanted have skype 3. For more details see How to run multiple Skype accounts at the same time.

By the way, you may consider to take a look at How to create a portable Skype for Windows in this way I am running simultaneously two 6.

Thanks it’s works but first i had to sign in on all my accounts with skype 7. Then i could run my accouts with skype 6. Now i can normally use skype for chat and call with old layout that i like but without option sign in and sign out i can’t do a lot things i did before. Before everyday i deleted folder with my skype accout and refresh it. When someone was online they shared details with me, time zone and number of contacts so i was sure that they was online.

And when my skype account was refresh i was clicking on all my skype contacts one by one, if i saw that there was country, age, gender or skype name not skype id then i knew that these contacts was online in last 24 hours. Now this is not possible because on skype 7. To use skype 6. And it means that folder with my skype name was creatd by new skype and all my contacts will have gender, country and age all the time.

I can’t refresh it with old version skype. If on skype portable i can sign in and sign out without any problem and refresh my skype account it would help a lot. Run “cmd. I didn’t try it yet. I have 2 laptops, on older laptop i was experiment how to run multiple old skype versions and it works.

On new laptop i still use skype 7. If i understand good, this script create only skype portable. I was try it on pendrive and i exctract skype 6. It looks a bit complicated. At this moment on skype 7. But on skype 7. If this is possible i would like have at this moment skype 7.

I will try edit this script later but i didn’t run skype portable 6. And about this edited script if this edited script help old older skype create new folder with my skype name it’s good but i can’t log in even for a second with this created account by new skype because it will ruin everything.

I will try create skype 6. Everyone send me a lot messages, pics and video messages and this account is very heavy now. Skype sign in sometimes even few min. I was try refresh it but skype not update all contacts from server, it’s always stops on contacts. I try 10 times then i try wait longer, i was waiting 1 month and was online everyday but it never update the rest contacts. I don’t know what to do with it. I had normal skype 7. I wanted refresh it only one time and leave so i thought i must delete this script and download fresh script and i did it.

I thought that appdata with normal skype will be untouchable. And now i have mess, all history and chat was gone. I didn’t wanted refresh all my skype accounts. I do it everyday but only with one account that i use very often. The rest i refresh only when they are too heavy and i wanted have choice which one refresh. But this script is very good thing. I don’t know what to do now. As I wrote this script creates a portable version that keeps the profile data in the same folder, and each profile shortcut keeps data in the same subfolder regardless of the specified version furthermore only this allow you to run old versions.

Of course, it works not only on pendrives. End If. Yesterday when i log in on normal skype 7. No profile photo, zero profile information, no contacts, no recent messages, nothing.