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Jun 14,  · Actually, the audio is already crackling while just watching the single movies in Shotcut. I have already tried different combinations of H, H, AC3 and AAC to work out, in which case the audio could be fine. Nov 25,  · The video recording is perfect (no crackling at all). No other audio track but the one in the original video (video game recording with comments on the go from Android tablet). When playing back the project, the sound crackles and, what’s worse, the crackling remains in the exported video. I think that the problem begins when importing the video. Shotcut is a freeware, open source video editor that is full of features and completely free of advertisement.


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Jan 30,  · Shotcut has an algorithm to blend multiple audio tracks without going immediately to clipping. Actually, this is incorrect. It used to do that, but people complained about levels being affected outside of their control. However, you are probably correct about the reason for the crackling due to clipping. mixing audio tracks; Thus, you cannot expect Shotcut to use close to 0% CPU and much % of GPU when exporting using the hardware encoder because the reading of files and decoding alone becomes a bottleneck to feed the hardware encoder. Also, if you have any decent amount of image processing, you should expect a significant amount of CPU usage. Dec 03,  · Stop showing waveforms on muted tracks. Fixed audio crackling on some systems. Fixed accuracy of reading and writing time values, particularly for non-integer frame rates. Shotcut tries hard to let you edit with many audio and video formats directly without a conversion or import process.

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I am using v Sadly, in the encoded video H. It sounds a bit like you would crinkle plastic foil. It is not loud, but still disturbing. The source audio 2 ch. So it’s not my microphone that got to it’s limits here. Actually, the audio is already crackling while just watching the single movies in Shotcut. I have already tried different combinations of H. And I’ve gone back to v Nothing helped. I already had that same problem earlier in the year in a rallye video, where I guessed, that it came from my feet squeezing the grass under them.

I also know! The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. I predict that this isn’t a problem with the program as much as a problem with how it is responding to your content. Use the audio waveform scope to see if your audio is being clipped during the loud parts.

Try applying the gain, compressor or limiter filters to see if you can reduce the clipping during loud sections. Also, do not judge the audio using Shotcut as it is not the best player and known to have some audio continuity issues during playback on some systems.

Please use another tool to simply transcode one of your clips and see if it gives similar results. Thank you for your fast replys. I did not see any clipping in the waveforms, although I have to say, that I don’t really know, how this looks like. But what I have noticed is, that if I play the movie from Shotcut’s playlist, the audio will be correct – no crackling. If I play the clip from the timeline though, it does crackle! The waveforms looked similar to me in both cases. I have tried the different filters and none of them seemed to solve the crackling.

I have just uploaded two videos, one was transcoded with Shotcut and the audio is crackling and the other one was transcoded with Handbrake with an AC3 passthrough.

You will have to turn the volume up a bit to really here the crackling. I hope, I am doing right, since I did not find any sharing link to the files.

I have downloaded both files. I didn’t not expect it to be so subtle. Can you also provide the original source file not transcoded by Shotcut or Handbrake so that I can try to reproduce the issue? The handbrake file is useless since it was pass-through and not transcoded.

Of course we need the original file. Actually, if the handbrake one was really pass-through then we do have the original audio to put through shotcut ourselves. I think we have a frame dropping problem. When I compare the audio exported to Audacity between the two clips, the Shotcut export is shorter ms fewer audio samples and I see discontinuities in the waveform where the waveform has a sharp vertical line connecting one sample to another sample.

These discontinuities do not exist in the handbrake file. Perhaps the PTS values in the source file are causing seeking problems and therefore frames or maybe samples are being dropped. Is there anything that I can do about it? Or will I have to wait for a fix? Yes, I can reproduce it with the Handbrake encoded file. I have uploaded the original file ” I will have to do some more investigation before I can suggest a workaround. You could try transcoding the audio to see if re-encoding it works-around the problem.

Today I took another look at this. Previously, I could only reproduce the crackling when the clip was in the timeline but not when it was in the source tab. Today I have just the opposite problem: I can reproduce the crackling in the source tab, but not in the timeline.

Previously I was suspicious of the mix transition – thinking that a buffer might be overflowing. But I put in some debug messages and I never see an overflow. Plus, the mix transition is not used when playing from the source player. Yes, it is in the mix transition, but maybe this warning could apply in other situations:.

I really appreciate that you guys spend your time on this. Especially, because my HDD is continuously being flooded with new videos. I have recently switched to Ubuntu Elementary OS respectively and the problem is still there.

Also, if I only drag one single video file MTS into Shotcut’s timeline without doing any editing to it and export my “movie”, I get the annoying crackles as well. Of course the source file is OK again. If I open a blank project in Shotcut and just add a bunch of videos to the playlist but NOT to the timeline and export the playlist, everything is just fine.

Strangely, I can play Shotcut generated. A can also add the whole movie in it’s. As you would expect, the crackling audio persists. Since the audio is actually more important than the video in my case, this really hurts me badly. Please, take another look at this. Unfortunately I’m not totally satisfied with Kdenlive, so I am still trying to hang on with Shotcut.

I am only able to reproduce this problem with the files that you provided. I have many other files that work fine. So this problem is specific to the files you are using. It is unlikely that I will make this issue a priority unless someone wants to hire me. Have you tried transcoding the files to an intermediate lossless format like DNxHD?

I would expect that everything will work fine with transcoded files – and it would be a very simple work-around. Thank you for the tip to transcode the files. I have not tried it yet. If that works, I’ll be happy. I have the kind of reverse of this. When I have quiet classical music playing in the background of a video, the pianos create a sort of low crackling sound, that’s not in the original file.

Would this be related to this issue somehow? It’s super annoying, and if you aren’t listening on headphones, you probably won’t hear it, but I’m a sound engineer also, and I hear these things until they annoy the heck out of me. I will now work on with Kdenlive, which does work, but hasn’t got such advanced export options and making transitions is near to torture. For the record, I am using Windows 10 x64 and Shotcut I would like to see this fix, because a few clients have complained about crackling issues, which I originally didn’t even notice until I went back to listen to them.

It’s a deal breaker, because some of the projects I produce, have quieter parts, and I’m huge in the dynamic range area I want spoken dialog in a movie to sound normal, but explosions to blow you out of the chair. For this people have to turn up their amp, and yes, they are hearing the crackling issues. It will disable all audio mixing; so best to use a project that does not depend on it. This will help confirm the general source of error.

I do not have good hearing and struggle to hear or read this Audacity waveform to run these tests myself and determine if they make a difference. I am quite comfortable editing XML. I did as you recommended, and here are the results. Using the disable 1 property, yielded NO crackly parts in the audio, and clears it up perfectly. Removing that child, and changing combine to 0 also has no crackly parts in the audio, but the volume is not as loud.

It’s not as drastic of a volume change, but it’s noticeable. That is the same conclusions my daughter came to. When I make a changes I will rely upon her to provide testing feedback. Assuming I can figure it out, I will post a nightly build that contains a hopeful fix for additional testing by people here. I experienced the same issues when rendering videos of my kids’ piano performances in kdenlive; after some time I noticed an unpleasant crackling distortion after nearly each tone.

It almost made me switch from Linux environment to Windows for editing of my home videos as the sound degradation is unacceptable. I am so grateful to you guys for finding out the cause and posting the XML-editing workaround.

It works perfectly for me, too.