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Instructions Install the winservice Gem. This is done by opening a command prompt (possibly with admin privileges and the create a file called putting in the script code below. Place this script the root folder of your redmine installation. Sep 01,  · Install Redmine as a Windows service, at the command prompt: “mongrel_rails service::install -N Redmine -c [your redmine folder] -p [portno] -e production”, replacing [your redmine folder] with the full path to the Redmine folder in the filesystem, and the [portno] being the port you’d like redmine to server on, e.g. 80 for standard http port Redmine 1. Download the Windows NT Resource Kit: 2. Add the new Redmine service using the new resource kit command: [resource kit install path]\ Redmine 3. Run regedit. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Redmine.


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Redmine installed on: Windows Server R2 x Software used: MySQL Community server 64bit-Apache from Apachelounge-PHP PHPMyAdmin Ruby RubyInstaller. Installing the prequisites:¶ 1. go to and download the latest version of MySQL. Using a 64bit installation is fine. Install Redmine on Windows | QuantumWarp. free. the install package installs all require assests. you can change the different service port numbers. redmine is already configured to the defferent services ie subversion. easy to install. takes abbout 45 mins to install witha few clicks. you can. How To Use Redmine Create An Issue. The registered users will be able to create a defect. For creating a new defect, the user needs to log Project Management Using Redmine. Redmine is one of the best tools to track the project efficiently. Nowadays, the Important Concept Of Redmine. The users.
1 Minute Guide – Installing Redmine on Windows
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Configure Redmine as a Windows Service
1 Minute Guide – Installing Redmine on Windows

Forums » Open discussion ». Added by Jordan Metzmeier over 12 years ago. It should be noted that this is not added to your PATH so you will always need to specify absolute paths when running these commands.

To add the registry entry for redmine we do:. Name it “Parameters” without the quotes. Now we need to add two values to the Parameters key. Name it “Application”. Now create another one named “AppParameters”. Give them the following values:. There you can start the Redmine service and test whether or not it is working properly. It should be noted that the service will be marked as started prior to WEBrick finishing its boot procedure.

You should give it 1min or so before trying to hit the service to verify that it is working correctly.

I’ve posted a few articles in here too about running Redmine on Windows, and using InstaRails. I wonder if they might be open to a more ‘official’ installation page for us poor Windows people?

It’s a little easier to config than using srvany and has a better performance than webrick. Thanks, Jordan. Overall, I was able to figure this out, but these instructions are slightly off. Here is my updated version, which should work verbatim tested on Window XP :.

Note: according to Microsoft, this is compatible with Server and XP. Run regedit. Repeat this step and create another new string value called “AppParameters”. For the Application string value, give it the following value assuming this is your Ruby install directory :.

For the AppParameters string value, give it the following value assuming this is your Redmine install directory :. Run services. The Redmine service will now be listed.

Start it, and wait a minute for the server to boot up. Test in your web browser to ensure it is working properly. Tested with Redmine 0. By complete coincidence, I also setup Redmine with a Mongrel cluster today exactly as described above. Anyway, I read the instructions provided on this wiki page and can vouch for its accuracy.

Thanks for documenting the whole process in such a straightforward manner. I didn’t need to do this. This is probably better practise. Edit “configenvironment. When installing Redmine 0. However that no longer worked with Rails 2. I went through a lot of frustration figuring this one out Redmine is an excellent tool and I hope it gets more attention from Windows users.

My hat goes off to Jean-Philippe and the rest of the developers. Sign in Register. I hope this helps someone.

Good luck. Here is my updated version, which should work verbatim tested on Window XP : 1. EXE” 3. Hope this clears some things up and is useful to others. Thanks everyone for your assistance!

Brad Rushworth wrote The only alteration I would make is: Edit “configenvironment.