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PCSX2 Standalone Installer – HOT. This is the PCSX2 full installer package for Windows. Sponsored links. Windows MB Multilanguage GNU GPL 3,, Download: PCSX2 Windows Binary – HOT. This is the PCSX2 . PCSX2 Windows Binary – HOT. This is the 24th release of PCSX2, released on Compressed package for Windows. You need the Visual C++ . Downloads of the PCSX2 emulator for Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Jul 06,  · Binding GS: C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 \Plugins\gsdxsse4-rdll Windows (Service Pack 3 ) Binding PAD: C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 \Plugins\lilypad-rdll. The latest stable releases of PCSX2 for Windows. The latest release of the PCSX2 Mac port. The source code of each PCSX2 release can be found here. PCSX2 is under the GPL v2/v3 license. Here you will find some useful tools (including the BIOS dumper) for usage with PCSX2. Old stable and beta releases for Windows, Linux and Mac including plugins. PCSX2 Windows Binary – HOT. This is the 24th release of PCSX2, released on Compressed package for Windows. You need the Visual C++ .

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June 17, , am. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. Pages: [ 1 ] 2 All. Dual gun Dual Aimtraks for 2P games is working. Important Trick! Manually create a folder named inis into PCSX2 folder. Uncheck Double-click toggles fullscreen mode Uncheck Always Hide mouse cursor Uncheck Default to fullscreen mode on open Installation is finished, just make sure everything is working good by testing a game let’s say End Game for example.

Code: [Select]. Really great!!!! Spot on – much needed guide – will look this up when get round to PS2 setup. Nice man! I can’t wait to try it. Have you tried Vampire Night or Dino Stalker yet in two player dual mode? For Vampire Night the times I’ve actually been able to calibrate player 1 in game, once it says calibration adjustment complete press A or B to continue, i’m not sure what to press at that point to move after calibration?

What’s the a or b button? I don’t think I can use my xbox controller for those two buttons. My aimtrak side buttons won’t do the trick.

Would I need to use a specific keyboard key for A or B? Any help would be much appreciated. Same for Crisis Zone. I’m having trouble getting past the calibration screen. I’m sure it’s something super simple and i’m going to feel like a dumbass. Thanks a bunch! Hey man, I am super unfamiliar with how to set up an AHK script for the keyboard keys.

I am still struggling to get past the calibration screen when tells you to press A or B to exit or end calibration set up. I know you said to use a AutoHotKey but I have know idea where to begin. I’m sure it’s simple but again, i am not familiar with that. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Do you put the scripts write in the guncon1.

If so, where do you put the script? Do you create a separate folder within the pcsx2 folder or do you just put it in the inis folder? Any chance you could share your script?

I use Hyperspin. Would the AHK script only work with my Hyperspin? Or can you run the script without a frontend? Sorry, i am super ignorant with AHKs. Thanks again for all your help. You’re seriously the man. Okay, i’m starting to learn how to use this Autohotkey. I’ve been able to get it to “run” while i have PCSX2 open but it’s still not working.

I put together the following script based on the suggestion above. Any help is greatly appreciated. This one worked a little but i’m sure it’s still not right. I’ve searched everywhere and haven’t had any luck yet. Can you tell me how to bypass no-autotriger issue in crisiszone? Thank you. Quote from: hyo on September 12, , pm. Very helpful to me. Anyone ever have any luck getting the Silent Scopes to work with the aimtrak gun?

It may not be possible. Still fun with the xbox controller but I thought would be funner with the aimtrak gun. OK I followed these steps and can get time crisis 2 to start and register my trigger in calibration but I cant seem to get past the Hit A or B to continue.

Is there something I am missing. I tried the various keys on the keyboard and nothing seems to work. Are these instructions on the assumption your aimtrak was put in guncon mode? With my guns in a cabinet this isnt feasible lol. If they are for normal aimtrak mode then I’ll keep trying Ok then, thanks! I will keep trying then. Is there a trick to get past the A or B part? How should the side gun buttons be setup in Aimtrak tool? I believe mine are setup as joy3 button 1 and joy3 button2.

Quote from: argonlefou on September 12, , am. I spent 4 days trying to figure out the same thing. Tried using and modding other peoples ahks from around the internet that were posted for this. They all dont work. Also I found that even if you press those buttons physically on your keyboard they dont perform those functions in the emulators. Basically it does nothing. Even tested this with the lilypad controllers set as unplugged too.

Hi guys It has been a long time since I wrote this but I did nothing else than what I wrote So basically yes, the keyboard layout picture is what is working for me, unfortunatelly I did nothing more.

Something I found helps after messing with the settings. In your gamepad lilypad settings clear all of the binds on the controllers.

In my case the lily binds were messing with the hard coded lightgun plug in keys. Hi argon! I just want to let you know that the keyboard layout works for me just like in the picture, however, Gun A and Gun B are the only buttons which are not working. Also, I found something helpful which can remap keys based on HID but I cannot find anything that can remap mouse buttons to keyboard to use for Lightgun games.

If we can only map those mouse buttons above to keyboard keys by referencing aimtrak guns HID, then we can use all the buttons and might be possible to remap to joybutton for pedal. Hi spratkobasa!

Thanks for your reply, although I’m still finding a way to make this work I hope that the information I gave to argon helps us a lot for setting up a perfect light gun controls for PCSX2. I just dont know why the author made a shared controls for Player 1 and Player 2 even if there’s still a lot of available keys in the keyboard.

Quote from: leslie on October 27, , am. I haven’t got another player to work yet. I’m still working on 1 player. Certain things still don’t work as I thought they would. If I figure anything else out I will post it in the thread. GenD90 Trade Count: 0 Jr. Member Offline Posts: 6 Last login:October 30, , am I want to build my own arcade controls! Hi everyone, kinda new to this sort of thing. Anyone have a method or a workaround to setting the plugin with a wiimote instead of an aimtrak gun?

Member Offline Posts: 5 Last login:January 04, , am I want to build my own arcade controls! Hello guys. Sorry for necro, but that needs to be here, I think. I’ve spent weeks to google a working solution , and ended by finding it by myself. DolphinBar is used, but almost the same is for BT adapter connection. Member Offline Posts: 9 Last login:April 21, , pm I want to build my own arcade controls! Hi i have spend more that one week on this configuration that is exactly as showed on this tutorial..

Some help?