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This video explains the following:• How to install and register the Biometric Fingerprint plug-in on a Windows machine.• How to install the libraries for the. HP Envy X ” FHD IPS Touchscreen Premium 2-in-1 Laptop, AMD Ryzen 5 U (beat iU), 16GB RAM, GB PCIe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint Reader, Windows 10 Home, Nightfall Black. Battery Life: > 5 Hours. Graphics Card: AMD Radeon Series. May 26,  · Microsoft Fingerprint Scanner – Windows & Hello Compatibility. After looking hard, I managed to download a driver that identifies this unit in Windows 10 64bits. However, the Windows hello doesn´6 recongnize it has an digital authentication unit. Message: “We couldn’t find a fingerprint scanner compatible with Windows Hello Fingerprint”.


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This solution details how to enable domain user logons to a specific computer using a biometric fingerprint reader. This was written because there was a need to do this using a Lenovo X1 Carbon, but it can be used on any Windows or Windows 7 computer that uses Biometrics. Download Fingerprint Sensor Driver. Free downloads: Digital Persona, SecuGen, Lumidigm, Futronic, Nitgen, Suprema and Integrated Biometrics. For software and drivers, select your product from the . Dec 22,  · A fingerprint scanner cuts this process down to two steps: lock and swipe. From the control panel, create a new Windows user and open the fingerprint reader .
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Windows Hello, a new feature in Windows 10, allows you to sign into your computer with your fingerprint, facial recognition, a USB key, or another companion advice. It now allows you to sign into apps and websites via Microsoft Edge, too. Not every fingerprint reader will work with Windows Hello—it needs to be designed with Hello in mind.

We sometimes had to swipe multiple times to sign in with the BIO-key reader, but we never had to swipe more than once with the Eikon reader. Both readers are designed for laptops, although there are desktop versions available with a cable attached. You can also purchase Windows Hello-compatible webcams that will automatically sign you into your PC by looking at your face, too. However, the selection of Windows Hello-compatible webcams is pretty terrible.

These webcams promise facial recognition on your existing PC, but you may want to wait for future Windows Hello-compatible webcams with solid reviews. This feature will be able to automatically lock your PC when you step away from it. You still have to set a PIN and password for your computer. Other companion devices are also now available as developers experiment with the new Companion Device Framework.

The Nymi Band is a wearable device that allows you to sign into your device by wearing the band and tapping it. Businesses could assign employee badges with this technology built in and employees could use it to sign into PCs, for example.

You may also need to provide your fingerprint or a PIN to the app before you can sign into your PC, depending on details such as the location of the smartphone and PC, the distance of the device from the PC, and how long the PC was locked. This service is clearly meant more for larger organizations rather than individual PC users. Your Android phone, iPhone, or even Windows Phone could one day become a companion device you can use to unlock your PC.

Windows will guide you through setting up fingerprint or face recognition—for example, by swiping across the fingerprint reader until it recognizes your full fingerprint. If you have an older YubiKey, you may need to make some configuration changes.

Yubico has a help page with more instructions. Run the app and use it to configure your wristband for Windows Hello. The documentation should point you to the correct application. You can now sign into Windows using Windows Hello. On the sign-in or lock screen, just swipe your finger across the fingerprint reader. You can do this right from the lock screen.

You can continue using your PIN or password to sign in by selecting it on the sign-in screen. Universal Windows apps can now use Windows Hello to authenticate you, just as banking apps and other sensitive apps use fingerprint sensors on the iPhone and Android phones to authenticate you. For example, the Enpass password management app allows you to unlock your password database with Windows Hello rather than typing your master password.

Microsoft Edge now allows you to use Windows Hello to sign into websites. More websites and browsers may support it in the future. Windows Hello can also be used to quickly authenticate when you make a purchase in the Windows Store, too.

Rather than type your password, you can use a stored fingerprint or facial recognition to authenticate the purchase. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

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