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Apr 12,  · Version: Size: MB. Date Added: Apr 12, License: Freeware. Languages: Multi-languages. Publisher: Opera Software. Website: OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows Opera for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS. Free VPN, Ad blocker, built-in messengers. Browsers Products Gaming Downloads About Opera Opera for Windows XP/Vista. Opera for Windows. Download the offline package Opera USB. Opera portable browser for Windows. Opera for Windows. May 07,  · web browser. Download from Version for Windows, Multilingual. 39MB download / MB installed. Notes | Antivirus Scan | Details. Opera Portable Legacy 36 can run from a cloud folder, external drive, or local folder without installing into Windows.


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May 07,  · web browser. Download from Version for Windows, Multilingual. 39MB download / MB installed. Notes | Antivirus Scan | Details. Opera Portable Legacy 36 can run from a cloud folder, external drive, or local folder without installing into Windows. Mar 10th, Older versions. Advertisement. Opera is one of the most used browsers and has managed to position itself as one of the main alternatives, in the same league as the heavyweights in internet browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Even though new updates appear every once in a while, there are two beta. Feb 17,  · Opera 36 will be the last for Windows XP and Vista. by Martin Brinkmannon February 17, in Opera- 48 comments. Opera Software announced yesterdaythat Opera 36 will be the last version of the web browser for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and that all future versions of Opera would only run on newer versions of Windows starting with Windows 7. The reason why support is being dropped in Opera 37 is Google’s announcement back in that it would end support for Windows XP Reviews:
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The reason why support is being dropped in Opera 37 is Google’s announcement back in that it would end support for Windows XP and Windows Vista starting April Opera Software, unlike Google, plans to maintain Opera 36, the last compatible version for systems running Windows XP or Vista, so that users who are running XP or Vista can continue using the web browser.

While Opera 36 will be last one with features additions on Windows XP and Vista, we are still going to provide security and crash fixes to XP and Vista platform. Otherwise, we will have Opera 36 for you. The support length is unknown but support will end eventually.

Opera Software will create security and crash fixes for Opera 36 even after the stable branch of the browser moved on to Opera 37 and newer versions. Opera suggests to upgrade to a recent operating system to benefit from feature additions to newer versions of the web browser. Opera 35 Stable was released this week which means that it will take a while before that version is upgraded to version It is rather surprising that companies are dropping support for Windows Vista, considering that the operating system is still supported by Microsoft.

Extended Support for Windows Vista ends on April 11, No security patches are released by Microsoft for the operating system to the general public after that last patch day. Opera Software pushed out an update for the classic version of Opera. Opera The update has only been made available for Windows as there are not “significant numbers of users of Opera 12 and Opera Mail on non-Windows platforms”.

That is okay. Anyone who still uses those operating systems should really consider an upgrade. It is still viable and still has its uses. What a Pr—-k! Gates if you only see the world from your vantage point , well you are 1 vantage point Moron ,point and close to Zero. Why should everyone be forced to upgrade to a new computer or operating system to get the latest updates and everything!

If they want you to upgrade they should offer a huge discount so seniors can affoed one! Microsoft are you listening????????????????????????????????? This is wisdom from the future my friend: windows 10 proved very inferior.. And another thing…. If you see no reason, that really means it has to be ok. That number will only decrease, whereas the others will increase. Not a big problem. I still run Win2K in a guest VM for a few applications. No one should have to pander to people stuck in the past i.

Still am. Fixed income. Note that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, so the fact that Opera 36 will eventually be unsupported too is probably not a big deal for you.

This may require additional work to learn the ropes, so to speak. There are lots of people willing to help out, though. Did someone just say Linux Mint is resource hungry? I doubt that very much. Terr Hollett. Boy, after seven months i discovered your words… i feel like lost… the last version of Opera 36 stops the loads of adobe plugins on my xp just a days ago… as a result i cant play games in facebook and watch videos that uses Flash Player.

Best regards. Danny Cicerone from Argentina…. There is hope! Our problem as well.. If Microsoft still supports Win Vista, then wondering why web sites with which we do business will not let us on with IE 9 or 10?

Performing a clean install of Opera is kindly recommended. Personally, Vista is really yet another worst OS failures of all time. As for XP, I was a fan of it too. YET, my new machine forced me to abandon XP. I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF circa It has a 1.

Somebody on another forum mentioning this browser problem for XP. Had me scratching my head. So I got it out and fired it up. Yea, its really a tough old thing, refuses to die though I hadnt regularly used it in some years. Last I used it, think it was pretty much as ebook reader. Both ran nice, neither could support a modern full featured browser and IMHO, its pretty mandatory to be able to use extensions like NO-SCRIPT or Ghostery plus an ad blocker and self deleting cookie app so minimalist browsers not really very practical.

Just way web is anymore. They want to use your resources and bandwidth to collect your data and sell it for profit. I am on metered data on cell hotspot so it really costs ME for all this nonsense unless I block it. So like say tried several linux. A cantankerous DVDrom drive that is really picky about home burned dvds, didnt help. This thing doesnt boot from usb.

Modern Puppies took very long time to boot up, ran ok, browser choppy. Xubuntu installed to the ancient IDE hard drive took 45 seconds to a minute to boot and ran kinda choppy. But Xubuntu Firefox is a slug on it, took 30 seconds to load and there was a noticable hesitancy while browsing, though it did work. It loaded in 10 seconds and much faster surfing turn off smooth scrolling and that prediction nonsense in settings.

I would say this combination might be good possibilty for somebody stuck with this vintage of hardware. I certainly could live with it day to day for light surfing and email, if I had to. No doubt wont be long until uptodate browsers need too much RAM for this to work. Some small linux systems claim to run with MB RAM, well they might, but again full modern browser wont.

I dont know if there is any older XP era hardware than this Toughbook, but guessing this is about as old as one can go anymore without it being a complete royal PITA. If you really need to use even older hardware, maybe Slitaz Linux with Midori browser. Or use Kmeleon browser on XP. Kmeleon has some ability to block ads and scripts, and its small and fast.

I know long ago I used to have a win95 only laptop too slow for win98 and video chip not supported by linux or BeOS long after everybody else had given up on such. A version of Kmeleon from that era kept it usable until the display stopped working. Sometimes you just need something to do very light browsing and email. You dont need some mega buck gaming computer and latest mega bloat operating system for that. This assumes you have some abilities to work on computer, as these tend to not include hard drive for security reasons.

Though last of the single cores are lot faster than the Toughbook, think you would be stupid to not get at minimum of a two core with 4GB RAM.

And the old retired buisiness computers usually lot more robust than similar era consumer stuff. This is a real treat for somebody used to old and slow, and can run modern software well into future. Patience is the key. Oh and on the computers without a hard drive. I truly suggest small SSD, but if you dont have such, nor the money, you can install many linux to a USB thumbdrive and boot from that. It wont be quite as fast or reliable as true SSD but it will work, probably good to clone a backup, just in case.

I couldnt boot USB on the Toughbook cause its bios doesnt support such. One of the major things that keeps me leery of upgrading to win is the fact that the hard drive is wiped clean on these upgrades so I would have to start over from scratch to install my many programs and data.

The last time I did this it took over two weeks to get back to near normalcy. Another thing is that some of the hardware will not work on the newer OS. When a company sets up its network at tens of thousands of dollars, it expects to get some decent mileage out of it.

However, planned obsolesense is the code word of the people who hold all the cards. Where are the persons who want to preserve our resources? We have become a throw away society. It is also ridiculous that we have to waste weeks of our time setting up a new computer to continue our work just so the tech giants can get more money like they are not wealthy enough. Thank you, gentlemen, for your service in providing this helpful technology news blog.

Windows XP was never offered the chance to go to another level in this stupid computer game… however , It is very true to people that understand it. Where can I get opera 36 for my xp 32bit. It holds the line and I am trying to get to print with an hp printer ink jet.