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Note that FileBot’s most current versions are paid ($6/year or $48/lifetime), although you can find a free older version on their website too. FileBot makes it easy to rename all your media files in Plex’s recommended format. Having issues with the latest versions of plex server on my enigma2 box using Dreamplex (an old and nl longer supported app) I’m looking for any version of plexmediaserver for ubuntu older than this:P. plexmediaserver_e0b_amddeb. Scoured the web to no avail – if anyone has a really old version about – love to get a link to. Nov 27,  · Open FileStation. Navigate to the Plex share. Drill down Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server. Right-click Logs and then Compress to Attach the ZIP file it gives you. I will see what is happening. It should be pretty easy to get you running again. .


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Dec 29,  · DSJ and several other NAS are not supported by Plex after version Plus, Plex doesn’t provide old releases before version (I don’t find it nice or usefull, but it is like it is). So I was looking for previous versions, for Synology (spk packages) and for my specific NAS DSJ. Older versions of Plex for Android It’s not uncommon for the latest version of an app to cause problems when installed on older smartphones. Sometimes newer versions of apps may not work with your device due to system incompatibilities. Until the app developer . Older Versions Plex Media Player Released: 14th Jun (a few seconds ago) Plex Media Player Released: 14th Jun (a few seconds ago).
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This is the version history page for Plex Media Server, showing the last 20 software updates. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here. Your Rating: You have not voted yet! Average: 3. Duplication of links or content is strictly prohibited. Facebook Twitter Newsletter YouTube. Index: Version 1. Library Added a release date filter for albums. Library Allow using Musicbrainz IDs when manually matching artists and albums.

Library Keep track of when items are rated, add filter. Library Fix manual searches for old music album agents. Library Huge speedup to history view in dashboard. Library Read MusicBrainz tags from files to help match the correct release. Library Use track filenames as last-ditch track titles. DVR Added smarter logic for detecting existing recordings Butler Some butler tasks would not run. Library Allow sorting on user ratings of artists, there are no artist critic ratings.

Library Plex Music libraries have critic ratings, allow sorting on them. Music Related TIDAL hubs could sometimes stop showing Music Shared users using artist shuffles could get unavailable items in the play queue Playlists Recently added playlists were not sorted correctly Startup The server would hang when the application support directory was not writable. Localization Updated translations Add an HDR filter for movies Improve detection of udevadm on newer debian-based distros.

Set the DLNA server feature to be turned off by default. Library Some portrait videos could return the incorrect resolution value Linux An internal system directory could be displayed unexpectedly in the directory browser on certain NAS platforms Transcoder Hardware transcoding could fail on systems with recent systemd versions Transcoder Fixed hardware decoding of VC1 Transcoder Output streams could be corrupted in certain cases Metadata Improved reliability of music lookups.

LiveTV A regression in 1. NAS Permissions issues resulting in a failures to start. DVR Re-enable signal strength updates for all tuners except Hauppauge. DVR Improve selection of default lineup during setup.

Renamed to Album Source. Music Tracks added from TIDAL would not show up in Popular Tracks Notifications A large number of new item notifications would arrive after enabling the preference Playlists Shuffling a playlist containing items from mixed sources could cause unexpected results Playlists Smart playlist generated from Add to Library content would not play back Scanner PlexIgnore file exclusion would not work in Photo libraries Subtitles Issues with automatic selection when default subtitle and audio languages differ Fix for deadlock when deleting DVR that could not be upgraded to Cloud EPG.

Improvements are actively being worked on and are coming soon within the next few months at the latest! Improvements are actively being worked on and are Coming Soon within the next few months, latest! Sync or Optimize could fail to fallback to software transcoding if hardware transcoding failed Rate this software:. NAS Permissions issues resulting in a failures to start Version 1.

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