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Aug 11,  · For it to work, you must use PulseAudio for your sound input and output. From the console, $ pactl load-module module-echo-cancel This command will create another PulseAudio sink/source pair for echo cancellation, named “Echo-Cancel Source xxxx” and “Echo-Cancel Sink xxxx.” Select these in Mumble for your sound input and output devices. Be sure to disable Mumble’s echo cancellation. (Set “Echo” to “Disabled” in your Audio Output preferences.) This works much better than Mumble’s . Aug 04,  · The echo cancellation feature has been missing from OSX for a long time (forever?), since OSX doesn’t offer a method for getting all the audio streams in the system through CoreAudio. There are other applications out there that can achieve this, but supposedly they use a lower-level interface than CoreAudio. Doesn’t work when selecting “use echo cancellation“ on Windows 10 ,have to uncheck the option going through audio i check the checkbox,my voice is not going through,also 90% of the time i can only use signal to ratio,raw am.


Mumble echo cancellation.Enable echo cancellation by default · Issue # · mumble-voip/mumble · GitHub

Krzmbrzl added a commit to Krzmbrzl/mumble that referenced this issue on Apr 5. CHANGE (client, audio, macOS): Disable echo cancellation by default. The current implementation for echo cancellation using Apple’s acoustic echo cancellation system has been reported to cause major problems (users no longer being able to transmit any audio) and therefore we disable it by default. Echo cancellation is used to prevent feedback from speakers or poorly shielded headsets into your microphone. If you do not use speakers you can usually disable echo cancellation without any quality penalty. You can do so via the Mumble audio wizard or the Settings menu. Doesn’t work when selecting “use echo cancellation“ on Windows 10 ,have to uncheck the option going through audio i check the checkbox,my voice is not going through,also 90% of the time i can only use signal to ratio,raw am.

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Echo cancellation disabled in OSX · Issue # · mumble-voip/mumble · GitHub

The stream cohosting system is now using Mumble, as you may have noticed, which is a bit more complex than Skype mainly because of it’s channel based construction. If you don’t have Mumble, you’ll have to get it in order to cohost. You can get it at mumble. Follow the on screen instructions. This wizard will help optimize the audio settings within Mumble. You may also see a Certificate wizard. Just create a new certificate and enter the info as requested.

Don’t worry, your info will not be shared with anyone however the admins on any server can see it so it is recommended that you put something fake in the name fields. Once you’ve passed all this, you will see a screen that looks like this: This is the Mumble window. From here, click the globe button the one next to the i This will bring up another window Click “Add New In order to cohost, you must register yourself on the server and ask Tom. Then, if he agrees, join the server.

If Tom agrees to let you cohost, an admin will add you to the list and drop you into the on-air channel. To register yourself on the server, right click yourself and click register. If, however, Tom disagrees and you decide to join the server anyway, you will be unfortunately kicked from the server. The cohosting rules are in the server’s comment so please read them by clicking the little “C” Notepad next to the server name.

It’s like your status in skype. This includes links, images, and text styling. To edit your comment, simply click the “C” Notepad in the toolbar. To edit your avatar, click the self menu and click change avatar. Unlike Skype, Mumble has to be configured to cancel out the echo.

It will try to do so in the audio wizard, but doesn’t always work. You must have echo cancellation setup properly in order to cohost. If an echo is heard, you will be muted and instructed to adjust your settings to reduce echo.

To get to the audio settings, choose settings from the configuration menu. To set the echo settings, you must have the advanced checkbox circled in red checked. Mac users will find this at the top right of the settings window From here, set Echo to Multichannel Highlighted.

If this does not work or if your echo settings are grayed out, raise the Silence below slider until the echo stops or change Transmit to push-to-talk.

Push to talk is, by default, set to left control, but can be changed in the shortcut settings –Troubleshooting– –Hearing an echo? If this doesn’t work, tell the person that the echo is coming from to read the next section of this tutorial. If this doesn’t work, try changeing the echo settings in Mumble and raising the silence below slider until the echo is gone. If this doesn’t work, read this: From the Mumble Wiki: Unfortunately, a lot of popular headsets produce tiny traces of echo.

In other VoIP products, you will not notice it because the echo is lower than the noise level, but as Mumble dutifully removes all noise, the echo suddenly becomes clear.

There is little the person hearing the echo can do, but there are a few things the person producing the echo can do. On Vista, we support echo cancellation for any sound card.

Like Dislike. So I got Mumble on my Mac and followed your steps. Everything seemed fine until you saw me online and told me to register. I tried right clicking and there was no option for me to register. When I check the toolbar above that says “Self” the register icon is faded out and unclickable. I checked out the other tabs and there is nothing mentioned about it or an “Advance” section.

I’m not sure if it has to do with registration. I haven’t had time to be on but is Mumble still being used? Just wondering cause my issue was never solved. We are still using mumble, yes. If you talk to one of the mods, we can register your nick, even if you’re unable to. After that, you should be able to type in the chat, even though that’s really not needed for anything.

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