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Movavi Photo Manager 1. User Guide Start here. Movavi Photo Editor for Mac 6. Access Online Manual. Download PDF. Movavi Photo Manager for Mac 2. Access Online Manual. Download PDF. Movavi Slideshow Maker . Movavi Photo Manager is a photo organizer used by professionales and amateur photographers. If you are the kind of person who shoots a lot of images using your phone or digital camera, you probably know how frustrating it can be to search for specific images in the large collection of photos that you may have on your storage ted Reading Time: 4 mins.


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Mar 04,  · Movavi Photo Manager provides you with exceptional yet simple tagging functionalities. You can either choose one of the tags provided by the utility from the left-hand pane or you can create your own tags as well. Once created you can right-click on . Movavi Photo Manager will save you time and help you create neat and organized photo galleries. Sort your photos into albums, filter them by location and date, process multiple photos at a time, and find photos you’re looking for in ted Reading Time: 2 mins. Movavi Photo Manager 1. User Guide Start here.
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We use cookies to improve the services we offer you. By continuing to browse this site, you consent to keep them in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Edited by Pat Bitton. Movavi Photo Manager is a desktop photo assistant. This program automatically sorts your photos by date and location. You can also add tags to find the desired photos faster. Another great thing is that the program selects photos that look similar, so you can edit them together or choose the best one and delete the rest.

The program also allows you to edit photos. You can edit one photo at a time or edit many pictures simultaneously. Review by G2. This software is one of the best photo managers for those who are already using Adobe Creative Cloud programs like Photoshop. When you buy any Adobe program, Adobe Bridge goes with it — for free!

The program allows you to import bulks of photos directly from your camera, export, and preview images. You can also edit photos in batches and protect your work by adding a watermark. Using Nikon ViewNX-i, you can:. Review by MacUpdate. It not only allows you to store and categorize your pictures — but you can also sell your photos through the platform, have your clients sign legal documents, create professional invoices, and track all the payments. Photobucket is another online storage service.

Unlike ShootProof, this one is not for professional use. With it, you can upload photos, sort them into galleries, and share the galleries and individual images through social media. Also, the Intermediate and Expert payment plans allow you to use the built-in photo editor. The pricing is transparent and reasonable, with an option to save money via yearly payments. Photo Mechanic claims to be the fastest photo browser on the market.

It can upload photos from several memory cards simultaneously, backups them to your hard drive, allows you to edit metadata and select the best shots from a set. Professional photographers, who use this software, claim that it helps them save time every photo shoot. Amateurs may struggle with the learning curve, but managing photos becomes a piece of cake when one gets used to the interface.

Review by Expert Photography. PicBackMan is designed for making backups of your photos and videos. The program helps maintain a structure through the folders and can work with videos — a rare option for this list. Canto is a platform that allows for sharing photos inside an organization. Let’s imagine a big company that works with a stock of images. It doesn’t matter where the company gets them from, but many employees need to use the same pictures.

This platform stocks your photographs and makes them accessible for all the employees interested. Not what you’ve expected, right? Here’s the explanation. This online storage platform can store pictures and share them through almost any website you need: from social media and WordPress blogs to your site.

If you don’t have a website, you can create one on jAlbum’s domain — jalbum. The jAlbum website editor has different skins for your website. Some of them are ready-made templates for online stores. You can use it to sell your pictures as well as what’s on the images themselves. Review by Capterra. This one is primarily photo-editing software. However, it has an excellent catalog system that lets you manage pictures in the same window you edit them. With a built-in AI to help you edit anything from smoothing out skin to changing sky , this is a powerful tool not many programs can compete with.

So, if you’re not into paying for a photo editor and photo manager separately, this tool should suit you well.

Review by PCMag. Unlimited storage space and zero ads — what else could you possibly want from an online photo management platform? Maybe, apps for your every device, from a smartphone to Apple TV? SmugMug is just the service for you. The intuitive user interface makes it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced users.

Using the app, you can import images from a number of online cloud services, so that you can see all of your pictures in one location, no matter where you’ve saved them in the past. You can organize your photographs by labeling them with keywords, locations, star ratings of faces. The program also allows you to edit your photos. Review by TopTenReviews.

Aside from that, the tool supports batch processing. You can convert, resize or rename images in just a few clicks.

The program has many exciting features, here’s one of them: it allows you to take screenshots and add texts, lines, and arrows to them. You can save the screenshots to your computer: just copy to clipboard to paste it somewhere.

Review by TechRadar. Using this tool, you can easily sync photos on the network and share them with family and friends: multiple users can watch the photos at the same time. You can sort your photos by categories using icons. You can use icons from a standard icon set, or make an icon from the imported picture.

Another useful feature is that you can hide private photos. This software allows you to organize photos according to different characteristics: keywords, date, location, color, or faces. You can also create your own categories that make the most sense for you! The program also offers advanced editing tools like object removal and focus stacking. ACDSee System is a paid program, but they give you a free trial and day money-back guarantee.

Only available for Windows. Phototheca is created by Lunarship Software, and it’s a photo management app with a built-in photo editor. Unlike many programs like this, Phototheca focuses on photo management and makes it as intuitive as possible. You can see how efficient it is just by looking at the screenshot.

It recognizes faces, types of shots panoramas, portraits, screenshots , organizes pictures by dates and events. StudioLine has a range of photo editing and managing programs. This program is a fully-fledged photo editor with added photo management features.

Despite not the most modern-looking website, the software still gets updates. When you connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, the desktop version opens automatically. The program sorts your photos by time, locations, faces and creates amazing slideshows itself.

You can also search for photos by objects, such as a tree or a glass, and find the desired photo. The app is compatible with RAW files and has standard editing functions.

While making the software, Team Pictorial focused on two aspects: being perfect for Mac computers and editing raw photos from any camera a Mac user can use. The app helps you manage, edit, and share photos. With digiKam you can:. Especially if you are familiar with Google services. Using this service, you can store an unlimited number of photos and videos in reduced quality. Google Photos connects to Google Drive and allows you to share photos via links with customizable options.

So, you can share your photos and prohibit or allow viewers to make changes. It allows you to host your photo-gallery website and customize it to suit your needs. Used by real estate agents and photographers, Lychee proves to be versatile. In both MP and Classic versions, the management feature works through the system of labels and marks you apply to the pictures. The program is free unless you need it for commercial use.

One of those extras is photo management. You can sort pictures by name or date and filter them. People who recommend nomacs are usually fans of the original Windows Photo Viewer interface and want to have a similar program on a Windows 10 PC, Mac, or Linux computer. No matter what software you choose, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied. Download the software to explore its features and easy-to-use interface. The answer to this question depends on your demands towards a photo manager.

Here are some of our top picks:. Free photo managers are not that hard to find, but their features may be limited compared to paid programs. Here are the top free programs from this list:.