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Mirrorop receiver apk.MirrorOp Receiver


Manage everything on your computer from your tablet or smartphone.MirrorOp Sender APK + Mod – Download MirrorOp Sender Latest Version APK + OBB file.


Oct 19,  · This receiver is a software to be installed in your Android system, and then your Android device becomes a remote pad which allows you to operate any other computers with a MirrorOp Sender. Jun 06,  · This MirroOp receiver is a good tool for you to test with other MirrorOp senders you’re interested in. You can use your Windows PC as a virtual MirrorOp receiver device to receive videos and audios, or even remotely operate the sender device/5(). MirrorOp Sender is an app that can MIRROR your Android screen to a MirrorOp Receiver through WiFi or USB. Meanwhile, you can use the MirrorOp Receiver to control the sender by Mouse/Keyboard/Touch. MirrorOp Receiver is available on many kinds of platforms: Android, Windows, iOS, some specific projectors, TVs, or boxes.


Mirrorop receiver apk.MirrorOp Receiver for Android – Download

Dec 24,  · Download the latest version of MirrorOp Receiver for Android. Manage everything on your computer from your tablet or smartphone. Android / Tools / General / MirrorOp Receiver. MirrorOp Receiver. AWIND. 5. 1. APK Editor. Edit apps and customize them however you want. GameGuardian. Get a leg up in your favorite video games. Jun 06,  · This MirroOp receiver is a good tool for you to test with other MirrorOp senders you’re interested in. You can use your Windows PC as a virtual MirrorOp receiver device to receive videos and audios, or even remotely operate the sender device/5(). Jan 18,  · Download APK ( MB) Versions Using APKPure App to upgrade MirrorOp Receiver, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of MirrorOp Receiver App Ever imagine using 10/10(1).
Download MirrorOp Receiver for PC
Technical information
Download MirrorOp Receiver for PC

Virus free. Mirror screen to Windows Receiver1. Make sure your Android device is rooted. Download the Windows version of MirrorOp Receiver from above site, and install it! Run the Receiver application from your PC. Run the Sender application from your Android device. Open the Windows Receiver. Launch the Android MirrorOp Sender and it will search the windows receiver.

Select it, start to use and you can control back from your PC. RotationThe sender can support rotation. The app’s orientation is the mirror orientation on the receiver side. Besides, you can fix or correct the angle in the MENU. However, some 4. Android 5. However, audio and remote control are not supported in 5. For rooted device, remote control is not supported, either. Therefore, we can’t guarantee our MirrorOp Sender can run on all the android devices without any problem. The MirrorOp sender needs to access frame buffer so you must root your android device on the most cases.

However, we still found there are some devices we can run on without rooting. You can search in google to know how to root your android device using the keywords like: “how to root [Your Android device Model]”.

However, the root process may be dangerous so please be careful and do it at your own risk. RegisterThe sender allows 5 minutes trial. After 5 minutes, you should press “Play” to mirror or you need to buy a license key through google play In-App-Purchasing. You will get the key after the purchasing process. Mirror screen to Windows Receiver 1.

Rotation The sender can support rotation. Register The sender allows 5 minutes trial. No Ads. What is HappyMod? How does it work? Download Apk 4. Download Mod APK. Download Latest Version.

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