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Nils reports that with LAME , the quality is now very close to the FhG encoder. This sample was also used to tune the auto ATH adjustment introduced in Bit allocation tests. (M – about 6 seconds) A sample from Sarah McLachlan’s “Elsewhere”. I first checked out an MP3 of this song from the Internet (a very high quality. Re: Free Audio Converter: High Quality Joint Stereo vs Lame Insane Quality Reply #10 – I use with a script, but fb2k will do the job just fine. lame -v -V 2 -b 3 VBR mode automatically uses the highest quality option. So both “-v” and “-h” are not necessary when using -V. Options.


Lame insane quality.LAME MP3 Encoder :: GPSYCHO – Variable Bit Rate

These settings require Lame or later. Note: At a given bitrate range, the quality scale usually works to where VBR is higher quality than ABR which is higher quality than CBR (CBR quality). The exception to this is when you choose the highest possible CBR bitrate, which is kbps (–alt-preset insane). My question is that the program I’m using has a list of MP3 conversion options and the best one seems to be LAME INSANE kbps but there is also an option for ORIGINAL QUALITY. I have done a test with the same song on both of these settings and they both end up at but the Original quality . Which settings do I need to get the absolute best possible audio quality with lame and mp3? Right now I am using these switches: preset insane -q 0 can it be any better? maybe with adjusting the frequency ranges or something like that? the size of the mp3s or time for encoding does not matter (well ok, a 70mb wav should not be a 50mb mp3, I.
List of recommended LAME MP3 encoder settings – the highest quality MP3 encoder.
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Free Audio Converter: High Quality Joint Stereo vs Lame Insane Quality
GPSYCHO – Variable Bit Rate
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absolute best audio quality settings for lame?

Sound Design Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for sound engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. That doesn’t make sense right? I’m wondering why that is the case and what would be the best practice regarding the filter if filesize doesn’t really matter. This is an anti-aliasing filter.

The –preset insane settings must allow aliasing to become apparent. Your iPhone can’t reproduce the frequencies the filter is applied to anyway, and if it could, you wouldn’t hear them. Disabling the filter would likely lead to a very slightly larger file, and some unwanted lower frequencies caused by aliasing. An anti-aliasing filter helps suppress this unwanted side effect of digital conversion and compression.

Let’s look at the chart you posted here. They are there for a few different reasons, one of which being the fact that for a specific preset, there is a maximum frequency that can be reliably stored; as the bitrate increases, the maximum frequency that can be reliably stored increases and so the cutoff frequency of the LPF is increased accordingly, until the quality of compression is such that a LPF is no longer required or desired.

The LPF frequency ranges displayed in the chart are transition periods. I can’t give an exact reason for –preset extreme not having an anti-aliasing filter, but as an educated guess, I’d say it was simply tested and found not to be necessary. These presets have been extensively tested and tweaked for optimum performance or quality, or to find a balance of the two, depending on the preset.

What’s interesting is that –preset insane has the -Y switch enabled. Now the Y switch is a bit more complicated. A quote from a Hydrogenaudio Wiki page on this subject attempts to explain it in a single sentence;.

The Y switch prevents global gain quantization from being decreased solely to accommodate the needs of sfb In the MP3 format, audio is processed in bands of frequencies. Band 21, or ‘sfb21’ handles the 16kHz plus for The difference between sfb21 and the rest of the bands, is that the sfb21 ‘scale factor’ it’s quality, basically cannot be independently adjusted.

So if the quality of the sfb21 band needs to be increased, all the bands are consequently increased. So what the Y switch does, basically, is prevent the quality of the lower frequencies from increasing, just because sfb21 needs to be increased. Bear in mind, the -Y switch can only be activated in VBR mode. I’ve read some threads with people asking how to get the absolute best quality from the LAME encoder.

Most replies state that –preset insane has been tweaked to allow the best possible quality, but some people seem to think that disabling the Y switch is a possible way to achieve better quality.

Perceived sound quality is subjective, and will always be a much debated subject. What are the best settings? Well, the answer to this is repeated a lot on this site, and I think it’s relevent here; “whichever sound the best to you”. It is not recommended to change it as a general basis. Sign up to join this community.

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Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. The Y Switch What’s interesting is that –preset insane has the -Y switch enabled. A quote from a Hydrogenaudio Wiki page on this subject attempts to explain it in a single sentence; The Y switch prevents global gain quantization from being decreased solely to accommodate the needs of sfb Absolute Best Quality?

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But it it makes sense to keep the filter enabled, why is it not enabled in V0 by default then? That would also makes sense right?

I have updated the answer, I hope it explains a bit more. Not sure how recent is this change but –preset insane is now using a lowpass filter as well wiki. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. How developers can be their own operations department.

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