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Nov 12,  · One of the spires of the majestic Jedi Temple on Coruscant housed the Jedi High Council Chamber, a room where 12 of the wisest Jedi Masters formed the highest governing body of the Jedi Order. Twelve. May 05,  · Consider sponsoring us on Patreon: Chimpmunk Squirrels to the rescue! If you’re the kind of Star Wars fan who enjoys anyth. Dec 22,  · Jedi Squirrels is a fanfiction author that has written 5 stories for Star Wars.


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the second edition to the Jedi Squirrels. Dec 02,  · Jedi Squirrels, of course! There isn’t really a lot to this concept. A man gave tiny lightsabers to the squirrels in his backyard, and voila! Dec 22,  · Jedi Squirrels is a fanfiction author that has written 5 stories for Star Wars.

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Learn about the members of the galaxy’s most exclusive club.
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Twelve seats, with different heights and formats, were positioned in an almost full circle with plenty of light entering the chamber through large transparisteel windows. However Sifo-Dyas was removed from the Council because of his extreme ideas, the same reason why Qui-Gon Jinn was never chosen to sit on the Council. Plo Koon was a Kel Dor from Dorin, forced to wear a breath mask and goggles in certain atmospheres. Mace Windu was the most senior Jedi Master after Yoda and was concerned by the possible return of the Sith.

Yoda was the Grand Jedi Master and the most senior Jedi. Already over years old, Yoda was one of the few Jedi that survived Order Saesee Tiin was an Iktotchi and a brilliant starfighter pilot. Yaddle belonged to the same unknown species as Yoda, but she was only years old when Naboo was invaded. The Lannik Even Piell was small in stature, but not in courage. Oppo Rancisis was a snakelike Thisspiasian and a tactical mastermind. Adi Gallia was a female humanlike Tholothian and also an excellent pilot.

He was known for gently waving his neck during Council sessions. Depa Billaba was a female Chalactan. Shaak Ti was an experienced Togruta Jedi Master who took up the supervision of the clone trooper training on Kamino during the Clone Wars. During the conflict, many members of the Council became Jedi Generals and were often found on mission. Whenever possible, they participated at Council meetings as holograms.

Despite countless Jedi casualties, the High Council remained mostly the same until the very end of the Clone Wars, though some members were known to switch positions. When the Council met during the first months of the Clone Wars, only a few members were usually present. Fisto died when he confronted Darth Sidious at the end of the Clone Wars.

One seat remained empty and the only newcomer was the Ongree Coleman Kcaj. Almost nothing is known about Master Kcaj, who hailed from the planet Skustell.

We can assume that Gallia, Koth, and Rancisis kept their seats during the Clone Wars, but were often not able to participate at meetings. The final newcomer on the Jedi Council was Anakin Skywalker. The fact that the Supreme Chancellor could appoint someone in the Jedi Council is a fine example of the diminished independence and influence of the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars.

It would not be long until Palpatine declared the Jedi as traitors of the Republic and announced the foundation of the first Galactic Empire. It will take several decades until a new hope emerged under the watchful eyes of Obi-Wan Kenobi. TAGS: jedi , jedi council. Log In. An almost empty Council at the start of the Clone Wars.

Possibly the last Jedi High Council meeting. Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook e.

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