Is vectr safe.Vector Marketing Reviews


Is vectr safe.Vectr Review


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You want to know if Vector Marketing is a legit company. And when the suggestion popped up in the Google search (or whichever search engine you use), you saw Vector’s corporate site, but you also saw “Vector Marketing Scam.”. Maybe you’ve even seen someone online make a more declarative statement such as “Vector Marketing is a scam Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Sep 05,  · No, Vector Marketing is not a scam. It doesn’t require you to buy the products by yourself and you don’t need to hire others to join the company and do what you do. Name: Vector Marketing – The Marketing Arm Of Cutco Cutlery & Kitchen Knives. Website: ted Reading Time: 9 mins. Overall: After using a lot of vector apps on the market, Vectr actually decent in my opinion. I use vectr to edit or do revision with my Tablet if I don’t bring my Laptop or PC and helping me a lot. It’s free and I can actually customize what tools I use regularly and remove other unused tools.


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Frontline is an older product, and as we have said before, it is not as good at protecting your dog from serious disease as Vectra 3D. Pet owners should be cognizant of the potential for adverse reaction any time they apply any pesticide on their pets. Vectra 3D is proven safe in dogs and is a top recommendation of most vets in this area. Overall: After using a lot of vector apps on the market, Vectr actually decent in my opinion. I use vectr to edit or do revision with my Tablet if I don’t bring my Laptop or PC and helping me a lot. It’s free and I can actually customize what tools I use regularly and remove other unused tools. For those that want to use Vectra, there is a large population of veterinarians who use Vectra on their own dogs who cohabit with cats and have not had problems. They do practice safety measures of not allowing the two species to be with each other for 8 to 12 hours after it has been applied to the dog.
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Vector Marketing booths are almost as common as vending machines on college campuses. So why are some students claiming that Vector Marketing is a Scam? The majority of problems regarding the Vector Corporation stem from their recruiting practices. Nowhere on their promotional material does it state what the actual “job” is going to be, students are simply given a brochure and phone number and encouraged to call for an interview. Vector Marketing Job Description: The actual job is commission based direct sales for Cutco kitchen knives.

Students have to attend several days of unpaid training where they learn how to conduct in-home presentations for these high end knives. When you’re ready, Vector Marketing managers will encourage you to set qualified appointments often starting with relatives and friends as they’re a much more receptive audience.

How Does it Work? Vector Marketing focuses much of their recruitment on college students for several reasons. Primarily students have flexible schedules throughout the year and can work full time in summers – this means they can meet with homemakers and other likely buyers throughout the day. Students are also easily trained, work well with others, are quick learners, and are used to delivering presentations. Many students are also attracted to the weekly pay structure.

Furthermore the concept of working your way through college is a very beneficial sales point and many buyers are happy to purchase from hard working kids if it means supporting their education. The Product: Cutco knives and cutlery are made in the USA and have a strong focus on supporting their employees. They train and employ skilled craftsman to ensure their products come of the shelf above and beyond standards. The company has been in business since and have grown their product line to include: kitchen knives, utensils, shears, flatware, cookware and sporting knives.

Customer Support: Vector Marketing can be reached at one of their many field locations or through their website. They can also be found on all social media platforms. For sales rep questions or concerns call for other inquires contact their headquarters at The plus side to Vector Marketing is that for talented and ambitious individuals there are definitely opportunities. The company promotes heavily from within and all managers are former sales reps.

Also, if you do work for a fair amount of time you can use the sales experience to land better jobs out of college. If you have worked for Vector Marketing please leave a detailed review of your experience below. I know I do. Extremely unprofessional June 9, This company got all the contacts on my phone and I was told that my manager will reach out to me to discuss who can be contacted.

This is a Scam business targeting college students to get their contacts. This job is trash, you’d be better off being a bagger in Safeway. I already know this company is a bit shady so I do believe they are just trying to swindle me. I’m just now getting a letter in January of was away for college so I didn’t get it until march that I owe them money, adding to the shadiness.

Lastly I was told I would get some knives for x amount of sales, which I’m still waiting, and probably not getting. I even tried contacting my old boss who said that he was busy. This probably sounds really fake but I guarantee it’s all true. It seems great at first, and everything looks like it’s roses and unicorns but it gets bad real quick. Their aim is to swindle not you, but your family as a whole. Your family will most likely buy from you but then nobody else will, frustrating you making you quit.

I was lucky enough to sell to people outside of my family so I broke even but this is not a job worth taking. Please help shut them down by not accepting, and inform your friends.

They are after all a company, and only want money. This job however focuses on stealing from employees rather than using them to build the company up. They don’t need or want you, just what you have. I can determine what you do but hopefully this steers you into making a decision you won’t regret. I found this all about 2 hours before my training, I’m debating if I want to show up or not but if I do I have to ask: how do I land the job of the girl that I talked to on the phone that happened to squeeze me for an interview in just two hours.

The one thing that I don’t understand is that we call back people that blow off their interviews, I guess that they have to considering the turn over rate.

Another thing is they don’t provide the customers to book for appointments but ask u to bother your friends and family. Not a Scam. But illegal. If not then should be. Had interview but didn’t go. Got a call 15 minutes before I was suppose to go but said I e-mail reason why. There website clearly says the word “commission”. She also said in text I will be in office at 10am tomorrow. No way I would go. This company puts you as a self contractor. You do your own taxes and they don’t pay your taxes.

You are not on there payroll. So you are not a employee. This company needs to be shut down and anyone who knows how to dwith. The new president needs to shut them down.

Also, staffing companies lie to you. Going back to school in a state that is broke won’t stop me but we need a new goverment that works for the people of Illinois now! Fix this country NOW! The americans can’t wait. I actually scheduled an interview with vector today. After I spoke with the receptionist I was so excited about the opportunity. She told me it pays 17 an hour guaranteed and I would be answering questions about products and taking orders.

I loved how she made it seem like no sales as I’m not interested in selling. I’m working part time as a CNA and I was looking for more work that would pay a little more with flex hours, vector seemed perfect. I decided to read employee reviews and I’m glad I did!

I plan on cancelling my interview asap now. Thank you everyone , now I won’t waste my time. It would have been an hour drive to the office and I would have missed time with my daughter. Again, thanks everyone for the warning!! Cutco is an amazing opportunity for soooo many people: personal growth, scholarships, vacations, building new relationships that’ll always be there to help your success.

It blows my mind how people believe it’s a scam, well its not. I always had a job since I was 14yrs old, so I know I have a strong work ethic. From all the jobs I’ve had growing up dishwasher restaurant, amusement parks, server, bartender, general manager, office desk jobs, etc.

I truly excel personally. This job randomly landed in my lap at 24yrs old, and since it did; I’m waking up early every morning, planning out my day to day, week to week. I’m becoming financially safe, I have a full team of supportive cutco staff behind me who won’t quit on me or let me quit chasing after anything I set my sights on even things not involving cutco.

This job teaches you how to build rapport with people and utilize it to further your communication skills. Working with cutco and being a server at a restaurant, I notice how my tips have doubled because of the skills I’m learning from Cutco.

The reason you achieve greatness from being with this company is because The personal growth one learns causing a mindset to believe there is no ceiling of how successful they can become, And replaces that ceiling with a road to achieving bigger and higher goals and endeavors in their lives. And besides It makes an absolute great inheritance that you can pass down your kitchen legacy from generation to generation.

Its an absolute amazing product that’s fun to have. If anyone comes to you for a demo, please accept and schedule an appt. Your Cutco may last forever but your rep doesn’t and personally from my experiance, my favorite demos are when i see how excited my new costumers are for having a new cutco guy they can go to for gifts or more cutco. They don’t provide people to you, you have to find your own clients, they say that you don’t have to sale anything but that’s not true if you don’t sale they will cut you off.

If you don’t have set appointments with your clients you don’t get paid. If you don’t return it they will harrass you with emails and letters in the mail to you bring it back.

So I returned it in person and I spoke with one of the receptionist she made me fill out a return form receipt, after that day I continued to receive emails and mails saying that I need to return the sample kit, I called the office and spoke with the same receptionist who gave me the form to sign and she told me she would make it a priority to make sure her boss would call me and check in that I did return the sample which till this day I’m waiting for. This is one way to define a SCAM.

You get 3 days of unpaid training to sound like a college student begging for referrals to get internships and scholarships. When you turn in your paperwork to get paid they skip out on paying you and the manager does not answer his phone or return emails. A week goes by with no paycheck when expected so I’m not about to turn in all this paperwork with everyone’s credit card and checking account information when they skip out on paying us.

I invested a lot of my time and gas money and still a few weeks later expecting to get paid every Friday I have no paycheck and no contact from the boss about why that is,. I got my first letter from these people in the summer before going off to college. However, I never got to it, due to preparing for my sendoff to college. Fast-forward to this year, I receive more than one letter from said company, with the same claims of pay and flexible hours.