How to use pcsx2 mac.How you can Operate a PCSX2 on the Mac


How to use pcsx2 mac.PCSX2 Tutorial


Welcome to Reddit,.PCSX2 Guide for Mac users! : emulation


PCSX2 Mac Alpha – 2 July HOT. Build from 2 July , the first alpha version for This is in pre-beta stages so treat it as such! Only works on Lion! Jan 09,  · After downloading the emulator, you’ll need to get the BIOS file from your PS2 console. You can research further on the PCSX2 website to learn how . First Time Configuration + BIOS setup Open PCSX2 by double-clicking on. If you installed PCSX2 with an install wizard, you’d open it by going to your Start menu (your programs list) and open up PCSX2 there. PCSX2 welcomes you with the First Time Configuration screen.


How to use pcsx2 mac.How you can Operate a PCSX2 on the Mac – Hardware |

Jun 14,  · For some reason the mac version always starts you out at /Applications/ so you’ll have to click that and then “/” to take you back and then choose “Users/” then Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Jan 09,  · After downloading the emulator, you’ll need to get the BIOS file from your PS2 console. You can research further on the PCSX2 website to learn how . PCSX2 Mac Alpha – 2 July HOT. Build from 2 July , the first alpha version for This is in pre-beta stages so treat it as such! Only works on Lion!
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Version 2! I’m really glad that after lots of research and late nights, I can bring you a guide to running PS2 emulation successfully on your mac! If you have questions, please reply at the bottom, but if you follow the guide exactly, you should be set! I currently have: MacBook Pro inch, Mid 2. Also make sure that you have hidden folders enabled so that you can view some content This can be done by running “defaults write com. Finder AppleShowAllFiles true” in terminal. And then running “killall Finder” to restart finder.

If you already have wine set up and DON’T have directx9 installed the full directx9 package, that is , then skip to step 2. If you installed the full directx9 in the past, you should start with a new prefix. If you don’t have wine at all, you’ll need the combined wine package from here. Please use the Stable version. Now you’ll need the files to make your PCSx2 work. Once you have bios files, place them in the empty folder called “bios”.

Oh god how many settings there are. Good luck, and don’t turn off your targeting computer. Mapping: There’s a few ways to do this one. If you have an Xbox One S controller, congrats! You won the damn lottery with this, and most other emulators. Then map to your hearts content. You will NOT be able to map the triggers, but everything else should work. I know for a fact that with X controllers, you’ll need the usb cable and a driver from GitHub. That driver is here. It will show up in your preferences pane, and you can go from there.

Final Thoughts: Now seeing as how there are probably maybe going to be questions, just post them as a reply and I’ll do my best to answer quickly. I really hope this helps someone, as I’ve been trying to solve this for weeks and have only found old and outdated articles that supported Mavericks or El Capitan. This should work for those OSs as well.

If anyone wants to beat me at my own game, bottle it up and host the file! All that being said, I’m sorry for such a long post. Happy Emus! Edit: Words Edit 2: Removed ROM info Edit 3: Look, if you have another way to do it that you think is better, please write your own guide, and link it in your reply.

This is the way I’ve made it work on my laptop and it’s not having any performance issues. Run your setup however you want! It still astonishes me just how well Wine works. Even if it’s miles from perfect, it’s such an accomplishment. Apparently macOS isn’t fully backwards compatible with 32 bit software, so the lack of a 64 bit PCSX2 build significantly complicates efforts to port it.

It also seems like no one is interested in PS2 emulation in general for some strange reason. Baffling considering that the PS2 was the most popular console of all time. I think tons of people are interested in PS2 emulation.

PCSX2’s forums are always way busier than Dolphin’s forums, so I’d like to say that they probably have more users in general. Developers have to make choices at various stages of development, and the choices they made were based on their situation bit may not be as important for PCSX2 as Dolphin and if you don’t have many macOS users, why would you spend a ton of dev time maintaining it. Dolphin’s macOS version is a pain in the ass to maintain despite several devs being on macOS.

It’s lack of features, stupid behaviors, shitty bluetooth bullshit, and crap drivers make it painful to do things. So Dolphin actually has several macOS developers? And none of them tried to make a Metal backend to work around the OpenGL issues Why is macOS so difficult to develop for, anyway?

How long did it take you to install the winetricks for you? I’ve been installing msxml3 for a good 10 minutes now and I don’t know if something is wrong or if this is how long is supposed to last. Hahaha yea give them time and they will work just fine. Wow, just today I was thinking about how I was gonna tackle this on my MacBook.

How’s the performance on your laptop? Keep in mind I have an SSD and 16gb of ram. Stock video card though! Awesome guide; it worked perfectly. But I can’t get the controller mapping to work. I’m trying to set the keyboard as the mapping, but LilyPad isn’t working right. I had to set it to DirectInput for Keyboard API simply because the keyboard wasn’t showing up for Windows Messaging, and now when I go to the Pad 1 tab nothing is responding to my clicks or button presses.

So here’s the weird thing about Lilypad. You’ll need to have your devices plugged in before you even open the wine file. In the guide I mentioned that direct input is the best for the keyboard. You’ll need to attach the device, run the app and set up your mapping, then close and reopen! Your device won’t respond if you unplug it or change driver settings, since wine only checks active devices once when you start the exe Does that help?

But you advice did help me set up my Dualshock 4 controller with Lilypad, which works perfectly with no issues whatsoever. So thanks! Awesome guide. You don’t know how long I’ve struggled to get PS2 emulation on my Mac. This guide is great and all but you’re still promoting piracy, and we can’t have that. If you reformat your guide enough to be friendlier towards our standards, it would be a big help if you submitted this guide to the PCSX2 forums.

I’ve already been approved by the mods and edited down my original. I’m providing no links or names to any pirated items. I’d be happy to post it in the PCSX2 forums, but this is already whittled down to a safe post.

Please, for heaven’s sake, delete the one line in your document that talks about downloading ROMs and your guide will be accepted. The problem is that if I edit the post, it shows as removed on mobile in Chrome. I want the guide to be searchable and if I edit it, it seems to take it down..

Not sure why. I understand, but you don’t have to edit this post. That way the Reddit guide will still be searchable, while there will be a copy of it at the PCSX2 forums that doesn’t violate their piracy rules. Post it for me without the downloading part! I don’t have an account so you can take the reins on that if you like, you have my reddit permission. Great question! I don’t know about these, so some research would be necessary for me to weigh in. So what would be the purpose of compiling though?

When wine can do it all for you I mean. Speed, optimizations, official binaries. Running it natively vs running it through a wrapper which will slow everything down and make file access weirdly convoluted. Why not using Windows on Bootcamp? I’m pretty sure you’ll get better performance, even on others emulators, like dolphin.

So I’ve gone down this road before, and it’s much more cumbersome than just running shells like wine. This guide is ideally for someone who doesn’t want to use up lots of space installing a full version of windows for one thing. Speed is definitely impacted by using boot camp or virtualbox.

This guide is the most efficient and effective way I’ve been able to make it work. I suppose you’re right, referring the guide to people who do not want to complicate their own life.