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Feb 23,  · dapulse is targeted to people who want to collaborate or manage a team, but don’t have the right tools to do so. In terms of the product itself, I have to say that dapulse’s design is super attractive, it is an intuitive technology, and it is genuinely fun to ted Reading Time: 8 mins. You can use ClickUp Docs to store valuable company and project information in a safe, accessible space. Each document is stored alongside its relevant project to make navigating through your files as smooth as possible. Companies also use these docs to help with their customer service and onboarding business ted Reading Time: 7 mins. daPulse connects everyone in the company around topics, or Pulses. These are rich collaboration spaces where everyone can share files and images daPulse is a tool in the Project Management category of a tech stack.


How to use dapulse.daPulse – Reviews, Pros & Cons | Companies using daPulse

How developers use daPulse and Trello. StackShare uses Trello. We originally decided to use Trello because GitHub Issues were getting way too crowded and overwhelming. Also, GitHub Issues are great for detailed bits of work, but they’re not so great at high-level tasks or buckets of work. The milestones stuff in there just doesn’t cut it. daPulse is an online software that serves as a tool for collaboration and communication for fast growing companies. It provides a place for people to have the ability to work as one company across various places, communicate with different employees, and to get to know each of them in all other branches and locations, whether in a high level or a low-level, in their professional settings, such as Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Dec 30,  · , formerly known as dapulse, is an online collaboration app. Teams use it to organize and keep track of their work. Is it a project management app?/5.
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Dapulse has rebranded! Get the latest info about their software in our Monday review here. Dapulse is a smart collaboration and communication app you can use to get your team members working in sync in one place. It is one of the best project management solutions in our base and a winner of our Supreme Software Award as well as the Great User Experience Award. What this app specializes in is streamlining discussions and contributions, and keeping all team members on the same page to ensure highest-level performance.

The core value of daPulse is how it displays progress in a comprehensive manner, allowing anyone in the company to track the health of common operations, and motivating them to contribute. Basically, there is almost no learning curve ascribed to this system, but the company has nevertheless prepared a kit of training materials for beginners. The main competitive edge of this system is the suite of advanced scheduling tools for project and task management, thanks to which the company eliminates arcane paperwork, and minimizes the risk of detrimental human errors.

Satisfied users recorded both brand reliability and timely delivery for as short as their usage period was which was how our experts decided to give dapulse a closer look. From our current point of view, this is a highly responsive and fast system that houses search, collates all projects, activities, and people on a single board, provides alerts, notifications, and shortcuts, and most importantly — stored discussions in a logical manner.

If you want to see their service in action there is also a great free trial plan available that lets you test all the key features of the software first. You can easily sign up for dapulse free trial here. There are many highlights related to this system that will make your business performance notably better, but the main ones rotate around transparency and advanced collaboration.

What does the Board actually represent? The main board will therefore list all projects and tasks, and associate them to agents in charge and interested members who would follow the process. Needless to say, observing and monitoring a team in real time ensures agents will stay focused and motivated to contribute, and the manager will save enough time to devote to other business operations.

Dapulse divides projects, tasks and items in stack rows called Pulses, and then categorizes them in the desired groups and sections that correspond to your rules and policies. Basically, every wrongdoing can easily be associated to the person that caused it. In terms of collaboration, all it takes to discuss or modify a case is to click on the item: collaborators use this option to comment on updates, host questions and participate in answering sessions, upload relevant files, or simply leave their notes for colleagues to consider.

The collaboration hub encompasses a Facebook and Twitter activity feed, and records all comments and discussions for agents to respond promptly and in real time.

The rationale behind this option is to streamline end-client service, and to keep even decentralized and remote teams connected at any point of time.

For reporting purposes, dapulse will collate and arithmetically relate all tasks and projects in a history spreadsheet, which may not look as the simplest and most manageable document ever, but contains immense power to simplify figure interpretation.

The spreadsheet is updated automatically and daily basis, and exportable to an array of apps integrated with this system. Keep everyone on the same page — Within a large company, all departments can set up a board to highlight their major goals and projects for the coming quarter.

Everyone in the company can go there to see what the other departments are working on and what stage of the project they are up to. In addition, managers will have a go to place to see where things are at. If something is stuck in can easily be seen and by going into the individual line item called a pulse the manager can quickly message the person responsible.

This also eliminates the need to call someone in for a meeting or having to find the person and ask them. More time for the manager to move to the next item on his to do list is the biggest plus of this system. Easily work with freelancers and third parties — In a small company with many freelancers on board, dapulse helps create a board that they can choose whom they share it with. Other people in the company will not be able to see the board unless it has been shared with them. For example, if you are a designer working with a client, you can set up a board for his project, and permit him to follow the progress of his operation.

The line item is in fact a complete design plan -once the designer has a completed plan, he can share it on the board. The client will get a notification that there is a new message from the designer. Then, he can open the board and review the plan, or even change a tile to indicate that he approves the plan or to request additional modifications. Highly customizable interface — You make T-shirts and have a very specific project workflow.

You can create a board where the Columns are the different stages of the project. In addition you work with a number of people that are not located in your office, so each stage is related to a different team.

So now you have set up a board for your unique process. Once the design is completed, they change the tile for that item to DONE. Now manufacturing knows that its their turn. They do their job and switch the tile to DONE. Now they are ready to Ship. It means that all of your communication and workflow aspects are collated under a single roof where all team members can monitor them while they are happening. Regardless, it would be futile to try to discover such an app even among widely used software systems.

The efficient thing to undertake would be to shortlist the different major factors which call for a scrutiny like essential features, pricing, skill capability of staff members, organizational size, etc. Next, you should conduct the product research fully.

Browse over some of these dapulse review articles and scrutinize the other software products in your shortlist more closely. Such detailed research guarantees you take out poorly fit apps and pay for the one which delivers all the aspects your company requires. There are popular and widely used systems in each software category. A market-leading software solution may have thousands of subscribers, but does it present what you need?

For this reason, do not blindly invest in popular systems. Read at least a few dapulse Collaboration Software reviews and think about the elements that you wish to have in the software such as the cost, main features, available integrations etc.

Then, shortlist a few solutions that fit your needs. Try out the free trials of these platforms, read online opinions, get explanations from the vendor, and do your research thoroughly. There is also a great free trial plan available that lets you test all the key features of the software first. The prices mentioned below are for 5 users per plan, and are billed annually:. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with dapulse.

PROS: It allows me to use a project visualization tool, it works great. I can share schedules and tasks with others, I can set up priorities and add notes. PROS: Easy for a non-technical person to use, but it was overly simplistic for our needs.

Charge for client viewer same as a seat license. PROS: I like how this product simplifies our workflow and it allows us to manage workloads, to create custom boards, to set up events, to communicate with each others. I like that it allows me to manage and update everything from one dashboard and I like the ability to create complex boards for specific tasks. We can easily assign teammates to tasks and get update of every action.

In other words, Monday. CONS: It takes some time in order to understand how it works. They could make the option of creating subtasks more simpler. Additionally, it would be great if I cna use it for personal purposes.

PROS: The software is very user-friendly. Setup was quick and painless that we were able ti get it running after a few minutes. The drag and drop interface is also a breeze. CONS: While the user interface is no doubt visually appealing, it is cluttered with too many buttons, dropdowns, and gears. The Android app was a heavy battery consumer that I ended uninstalling it.

PROS: The software presents a very balancedd interface in terms of design. On top of its simple design and organized color scheme, you get features that makes organizing complicated tasks easy. CONS: There is a bit of a learning curve but that is totally understandable. I would like to be able to create sub tasks with it like I can with Asana. PROS: I like how simple it is to get running the functional state.

The graphic design choices are with high quality, and there are great options for sharing, permissions and sorting of boards. This is greta for streamlining projects and planning strategies for future projects.

Also, they could improve the mobile app on the Android. We can keep our team members well organized and keep track of their productivity. Our sales and operations team are using to keep track of sales performances. We can easily assign tasks to organization members and keep track of their progress. We can attach emails and files so we can keep everyone well informed. CONS: I think that small organizations would not find monthly subscription cost valuable.

PROS: Every team within our organization want to manage things differently, thankfully Dapulse offers great flexibility to do so. The design is simple and beautiful one. With trafic light system we can gather visual snapshot of any team members productivityand it is a perfect solution for understanding account manager capacity. CONS: It has some glitches, and it would be great if the micro task boards could be linked to the high level boards. The UI is simple and intuitive and it fits perfectly into our workflow.

I like that it divides projects ona board into weeks and delivered projects which means that you can organize your projects and set priorities. In addition, you can add notes and attach files or add details into individual projects. Also, there is great integration with Calendar so we can set up dates.

CONS: Honestly if it could limit access a bit, like have admin only features so that co-workers can’t just click done. PROS: I like how this product makes everything simple, it offers great set of tools and features so you can easily streamline your workflow.

The UI is amazing, the graphic design is with high quality, and there are great options for sharing, sorting and seeting permissions of boards. The mobile app for Android needs some improvements.