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install any script mod (asi, net, dll, etc) load third party savegames (xliveless only) Scripthook installation. Copy and in GTAIV main folder: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\ xLiveLess ASI loader installation. Copy file in GTAIV main folder. Jul 12,  · Modloader is simply a single file that will replace the work of the mods folder that OpenIV uses to create, but at least the needs to be created in the mods folder, it /5(4). 32 votes, 25 comments. I suggest you all take a look at this thread: TL;DR: loader from here: (17/05/ website deleted?, there’s a .


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Jan 25,  · Asi loader vb works with GTA IV v! Allows you to load your own libraries with GTA IV. Libraries must have *.asi extensions, like it was in VC and SA (thx 2 Jerenej L.). For example, if you want to modify “Grand Theft Auto V\update\” you need to copy it like “Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\”. The following table is explain how you need to copy archives to mods folder. The path to RPF archive in “mods” folder must be the same as in real GTA Vfolder, here is some examples. 16 rows · Mod Loader is an ASI Plugin for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that adds an .
2020 Complete Edition ASI Loader + ScriptHook
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Script Mods (e.g. *.lua and *.asi)
An updated ASI loader is Needed! :: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition General Discussions

You can still use mods on the complete edition self. TL;DR: Download. The solution is deleting the save. There’s a step by step in the comments. Happens rarely to me with the equip gun and business mods.

Keep in mind though that there are some older mods that have incompatibilities. So far the only one that didn’t work for me was the spread fix which wasn’t compatible even with 1.

I put it on google drive, don’t know how long it works for. Thank you for the instructions, the system works fine, BUT, now there is another problem: I can’t load or start a new game. Does anyone knows how to fix this? After beating the three DLCs I finally went back to the main game, to get the second ending. I got this problem and after hours of trial and error got a fix for it.

Basically press home while on the main menu this will open the social club. Go to configurations and disable the saves on cloud thing. Now open the game and voila! Sorry for taking this long to answer, by now you both either managed to solve it or gave up, but I do hope that if someone else reads this they’ll be able to sort it out.

I had cloud saves already disabled, but anyway, I went to the profile thing, and there wasn’t any ”. I searched for other rockstar games folders, and they don’t have any saves, just rockstar launcher related stuff. I also tried deleting the saves, and that didn’t work either, crash when new games are started, or loaded. I’m interested in trying to go this route! The dsound. And then repeat this process for the patch?

My only confusion that the script hook and patch have a same file name: “ScriptHookDotNet. Should anticipate the patch overwriting the script file of the same name? Btw for anyone who starts the game and gets the error message: It’s not your mods fault, its standard at the time. Will this still work if I download the old stations afterwards? All my mods work just fine, I just want the full stations back.

Could anyone enlighten me what version of the game this is equivalent to? Can I run 1. Or do I need 1. Don’t want to crunch my game files. I can get scripted mods to work but if I load a save game manually the game crashes, has anyone managed to get around this somehow? If that doesn’t work then it may be a specific script breaking stuff and you’ll have to find which one.

Scripts work but loading save games manually crashes the game. Are you able to load save games manually? Even if I remove all of my scripts and just have the scripthook files in there, it still crashes. I can load into the game which autoloads into my save file and runs fine, scripts work.

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Happens rarely to me with the equip gun and business mods Mods that didn’t work for me: Bullet spread, ANY fuel mod.

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Hasn’t happened to me at least,. I uninstalled the game. The only fix is by setting your Windows clock into the past.