Fix it felix rom.Fix-It Felix Jr.


Fix it felix rom.Fix It Felix Jr. For the Sega Genesis


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Jan 21,  · Fix it Felix runs natively on a vertical monitor. Otherwise check out the following link and use the -rotate command. The default rotation should be all you need, I . Apr 12,  · Wreck-It Ralph: Fix-It Felix Jr. «Reply #1 on: April 10, , AM» I found a good port of the game Fix-It Felix Jr. for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. Dec 08,  · As nobody talked about this cool rom, this is “Fix It Felix Jr”: the arcade game starring Ralph from Disney’s “Wreck-it Ralph”, ported to Genesis .


Fix it felix rom.Play Fix-It Felix Jr. (Airwalk Studios) for SEGA Genesis Online ~

Spanish: El juego arcade de Rompe-Ralph, Llega a Indie DB. Repara las ventanas y esquiva los ladrillos que deja caer. English: The arcade game Wreck-it-Ralph, reaches Indie DB. Repair windows and dodge the bricks dropped. fix it felix mame, fix it felix mame rom, fix it felix jr mame rom, fix it felix jr mame, felix pang mamee, fix it felix jr mame rom download, fix it felix jr mame download, fix it felix jr arcade mame Edit post Follow this blog Administration Login + Create my blog. Jan 21,  · Fix it Felix runs natively on a vertical monitor. Otherwise check out the following link and use the -rotate command. The default rotation should be all you need, I .
Fix-It-Felix Jr. (Genesis)
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Wreck-It Ralph: Fix-It Felix Jr.

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Best Version Of Fix It Felix Jr for an Arcade Cabinet

June 17, , am. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. I have not really looked into this, but saw some talk on a local forum about it I thought I’d ask. I know a flash version of FIFJr exists, as do several clones ,etc. Anyone know the best version of the game, or the version best suited to an arcade cabinet. I recall on YouTube there was a video of somebody who had won one of the promo cabinets, but I dont know if the game was ever made available.

The disadvantage of the Disney version is it can only run full screen in vertical orientation with a rotated monitor. Guys, thank you. I’m staying my parents this week so I hope the links remain in this thread. Because over the weekend I’ll look to add this to the cabinet. I’ll put everything on a flash drive, take it downstairs and install it EDIT – I’m not that computer savy. Does anyone know if the “leaked” version can be found in a complete form with all the patches done?

Side note – that reminds me, I really should make use of these extra USB wireless internet adapters I have. Giving me the ability to move files to both my MAME cabinets wirelessly. Thanks again all. Quote from: mike boss on November 13, , am. Great, thanks all! I’ll get on this over the weekend. Thanks again guys for the info. Thanks for this thread, I’ve been looking forever for the actual Disney version. Do we need a wrapper that’ll let you set the controls? I can probably swing doing that.

Yeah I’ll mess with it this weekend. You don’t mind if I look at your ahk do you? I’ll make it purely for selfish reasons btw I’ve got a pacman cabinet and it’s controls are joystick only.

Perfect for my setup. I hope this helps. Change the. Mike, if you have a vertical monitor on your cabinet, you should be golden. No need for the wrapper. Just run the game via command line. Fix it Felix runs natively on a vertical monitor. Otherwise check out the following link and use the -rotate command. The default rotation should be all you need, I believe, to run on a vertical monitor.

Fix It Felix Jr. Thanks I’ll mess around a lil more. Ok this is something that should probably be mentioned. If you have windows setup to where it displays vertically on your monitor like through your video card you probably should NOT set the rotation option. Ok so I’ve got my hacking tools all hooked up to this thing. Apparently there is a -network and a -settings flag for the command line options? With my set up I have Mala set to display a vertical image, when you boot up you see the Windows screen isnt rotated.

It’s just Mala that rotates the image. With the FIFJr the games comes up windowed. I changed the name of the EXE file and I got the game to flip I’m not home now so I’ll need to play more. Quote from: Wade on November 17, , am. I opened the save file in a hex editor I guess I forgot that this game was never commercially release and thus doesn’t have any encryption. Man I should never look into this stuff It would be trivial to read and save the highscore table as well as the top scores upon exit, and even keep track of the coins.

I might want to see if I can find the input area Well that wasn’t too hard. Via my wrapper I’ve repaired the High Score and have written a function to load and save it along with the initials table and the number of credits remaining. I’ll clean it up and release a beta here in a few seconds.

Ok guys try this out Put these files in the same folder as the exe for the Disney version of the game. You’ll be able to remap keys, set the exit button and all that jazz.

In addition the wrapper monitors the memory locations for the scores and coins and will save that stuff to HIScore. If you wish to make a bezel, crop it to the appropriate dimensions and save it as bezel. Note that the game seems to have issues remapping things to the alt keys. Other than that, enjoy! Howard, I can’t thank you enough for tackling this! I would love to be able to run FIFJ properly on my cab! The key configurator doesn’t let me assign the arrow keys?

But the configurator doesn’t seem to remap any keys whatsoever. Maybe I’m not doing it right? Well the arrow keys are defined by default To remap a key to click on the box next to the label and then press the key you wish to remap it to. Remember to save when done.

What OS are you running? I built this on win Minor bugfix. I forgot to disable the bezel and re-centering functions when in fullscreen mode oops!

I’m running XP. Working fine now that you coached me except the top and bottom of the display get cut off my cab uses a TV as its monitor. I tried manipulating them and the game just wouldn’t let me. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, I just can’t figure out how to do it. If you can get your tv to run at a smaller resolution that’ll still fit in a image that’s pixels high, that’s what you want to run it as. That’s just a stupid thing windows does.

I saved the shortcut as “FIFJ. In windows 7 it automatically finds the new location and fixes it Ok I’ve managed to do a “fullscreen” mode for horizontal orientation! Now a little bit of hackery had to be done to get this to work. Essentially I can’t inject the new value to memory before the window is already drawn so I simulate the pressing of Alt-Z and 1 to reset the zoom just before I alter the window. I had to set a delay, so if it isn’t working for you that is the issue and I’ll add an option to adjust it later.

Just use the fullscreen checkbox to use the new mode. Oh also there is a small mis-calculation in regards to the window area due to the fact that the menu has to be visible before the window gets resized. To compensate for this I set the vertical position of the window to around I tried this at x and x and it looked fine on my system so that should be fairly universal. Anyway not bad for a single days work man I’m getting too good at this. As per usual the download is below.

Once I add in joystick support and a few other goodies I’ll make a proper release on my site. We all thank you! Awesome work Howard and much appreciated, finally someone capable is tackling the original release of this game. On my horizontal screen it comes up sideways in the top left corner with your 3rd release, the options are blacked out and not selectable so not sure what the problem is or how to ‘fix it’. On your first release it is centered in the middle but not full screen, which I assume had not been added in yet.

There isn’t anything I changed that would make the game rotate unless you set it that way.