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Jan 23,  · Version , first offered to Release channel users on January 23, With this release, we’re building on the great foundation provided by our all-new Firefox Quantum browser. We’re optimizing the performance gains we released in 57 by improving the way we render graphics and cache JavaScript. We also made functional and privacy. Nov 15,  · Firefox for Android Release November 15, Version , first offered to Release channel users on November 15, We’d also like to extend a special thank you to all of the new Mozillians who contributed to this release of Firefox! Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online. Installation.


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22 rows · Index of /pub/firefox/releases// Type Name Size Last Modified; Dir.. Dir: linux-i/ Dir: . Nov 14,  · Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows a number of additional features that work with you . Nov 15,  · Firefox Release November 15, Version , first offered to Release channel users on November 15, We’d also like to extend a special thank you to all of the new Mozillians who contributed to this release of Firefox!
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Mozilla Firefox Mozilla postponed the release of the new stable version of the Firefox web browser to ship it with noticeable startup improvements.

Note : if you are reading this article on November 15, Mozilla will release Firefox It is already available on the FTP, but the roll out of the update may not have happened yet. Mozilla Firefox 50 is the latest stable version of the browser. It replaces previous stable versions when installed, including the recently released Firefox All beta channels have received updates as well. Installed copies of Firefox will pick up the new version once it is pushed out by Mozilla.

Firefox ships with automatic updates enabled, which means that you don’t need to do anything to upgrade Firefox if that is the case. You may check for updates manually however to speed up the process. Firefox lists the current version in a window that opens, and runs an update check on top of that. The main reason why the Firefox 50 release got delayed : Mozilla identified issues in Firefox code in regards to how Firefox and its add-on SDK handle JavaScript loads.

We have talked about this in detail back when the announcement was made, and I suggest you check out the article for details. Only this much: Mozilla noticed better startup performance.

Mileage varies and depends on the add-ons that are installed. Firefox’s Find in page functionality is handy as it enables you to search for content on a page quickly. You can use the shortcut Ctrl-F to trigger the functionality. The new feature comes in form of a checkbox that you can enable for searches.

When done, only full word matches are returned. So, if you search for fire, all instances of the word on the page are highlighted while Firefox, firetruck or fireball are not. Security updates are published some time after the Firefox release. We will add those when they become available.

Mozilla released Firefox The version fixes a security issue affecting Firefox 49 and Only days after Firefox This version fixes a reported 0-day security vulnerability in Firefox. Firefox It is a planned security release that fixes security issues. Now Read: The state of Mozilla Firefox. Could not get this to work either. It can be toggled with: security. Keeping this setting to true as I had it in Firefox Everything OK — I update Firefox What I mean is that when I criticize users who complain about application problems — problems, not features — telling them they, their settings, the way they modified inconsiderately or not their application could be the culprit and not the application itself… well, I fall into the trap myself.

Main thing I guess is to think twice before complaining publicly. In this situation I simply opened a new Firefox dummy profile and tested the page with Flash video which appeared to run fine; I then injected my user.

Again, unless for brilliant, talented, aware minds, it appears to me that knowing our personal impulses is a necessary condition but not always a sufficient one to avoid our brains first, immediate deployment… I imagine that this impulse has a life of its own until I actually start thinking… see what I mean?!

Compare this to Opera, a browser which gains exciting new features with every version update… How the mighty Mozillians have fallen…. Clearing up all cookies and logging in everywhere from scratch via Opera solved the problems for me.

The equivalent list for Firefox is always way, way, way too long and meaningless for normal people to see or care. Developers just highlight a couple things in the summary; and I agree they could get better at highlighting. Parker Lewis: Opera has recently introduced a built-in adblocker; a built-in secure proxy pseudo-VPN ; pop-out video windows; pop-up options for searching, copying and currency conversion — all in the last few months.

A bit like Microsoft and their constant promise of an amazing Windows experience, at some point in the future. I try to run both the new version of Opera alongside the previous version Yes, v. Otherwise, for me, they are all beginning to look and work pretty much the same.

However, when it comes to tangible, exciting new features and significant changes, Firefox seems to be much slower than Opera. Even Chrome seems to have more cutting-edge new gizmos with every new release nowadays…. They remove useful features and mess up everything. Recently closed tabs and history are two different things for two different purpose. They should be separate pages as it used to be.

I have the Recent Tabs set as the default home panel. But whatewer, Firefox has the worst and the most user unfriendly UI on Android. The only reason why I use Firefox on mobile is the uBlock addon and some about:config tweaks like layout.

Everything else is worse in Firefox, especially the UI. I first discovered a new file in my Firefox profile, containers. I do have an about:config setting, privacy. Absolutely no change in startup and surfing speed : FF is still the slowest browser of the market… It has other qualities. On the other hand, correctly configured it appears to be the fastest, the most secure and respectful of privacy browser I know.

Thanks Martin, for your heads up about Firefox update. I utilize Firefox, Chrome, and Edge on my desktop all of them up to date. My default browser is Chrome but I do find Edge to be blazingly fast when loading. Gradually moving towards Edge more and more because of its responsiveness.

Glad to see Firefox moving forward and improving its speed. I notice a slight change in startup speed on this build, but it is still not as fast on startup as Opera 41 or IE I have 15 extensions installed on Firefox I would have more extensions in Opera, but they do not have very many good ones.

Thing of the past, apparently. Those who implied that Mozilla is slacking in earlier comments were being unfair out of a lack of insight. Is that related to the Firefox Container Tab feature? The only other folders in LocalLow were Microsoft previously. Maybe some new entry in :config. Using W7, this version 50 32 bit starts much faster than previous since the v What changes can be the reason, I would like to know?

H which are doing only the same thing than Mozilla spying on you… it makes me smile. Mozilla is not trying to block Adobe Flash. As for a Mozilla company which would be spying its users, as you write it, I believe reality is more nuanced. If the famous GAFAM Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft companies are deeply committed to collecting data anonymized and not anonymized I strongly believe no evidence nor counter-evidence, this is my basic belief that Mozilla operates on other grounds of philosophy and corollary policies.

This is my approach, at this time and prevals not on evidence should evidence appear. I believe Mozilla is a nice and good company, made of talent and integrity. The time Mozilla was a good company concerning privacy is over, please open your eyes. Probably I made a mistake about the hidden pref you mentioned, but it do not change the fact that Mozilla is always trying to block Flash, is always trying to play my anti-virus or my grandmother, what annoys me.

Tom Hawack. But just uninstall your browser completely, then reinstall it with the default profile, of course without your user. I wait. Your last comment refers to bloatware and you invite a user to start Firefox from scratch, new install and no previous user profile, hence no user. This attitude seems to be in the human nature, especially in the Western world. I disagree on whatever spying, anti-Flash policies and I agree on a Firefox which is getting fatter version by version.

Best way to avoid this extreme position is perhaps to take a break once in a while, no nothing, no connection, no phone, radio, tv, nothing … just the skies, the valleys and the mountains, the rivers, fresh air and fresh thoughts. Another world. I have around 15 computers to maintain operational and secure, 3 personally, and the others for friends having a preference for Firefox since long time.

The main problem is Mozilla now use the about:config systematically like Microsoft use the Group Policy. A true headache each time, and language should never be a handicap for privacy, this is called discrimination.

Why Mozilla is always using hidden prefs not accessible to the average user and not the interface for privacy, ask yourself the question.

Now or planned like with ContextGraph. Bloat is a trend and concerns all areas of life I guess. What is behind, what leads to bloat? Enhanced previous features and new ones, among the new features some with which we may disagree, on their pertinence, on their privacy issues, some others which correspond to a true progress speed, service, privacy even.

Technology is moving quickly, everything is, browsers follow and sometimes anticipate, for the best and for the worst.