Edit nk2 file.Understanding Outlook’s AutoComplete Cache


Edit nk2 file.Import or copy the Auto-Complete List to another computer


More information.Edit Outlook AutoComplete files from command-line with scripts.


Dec 21,  · The file is 2. While trying to edit my current file I am finding that although I can edit the file and save it, when I start Outlook again my changes do no appear to have taken place. I suspect that it is du to lack of support of Windows Jun 18,  · In some circumstances, you may need to repair or modify the values appeared in the AutoComplete list, or you may want to remove unwanted email addresses and/or to add new email addresses. MS-Outlook doesn’t provide any ability to edit this AutoComplete list, so this is where NK2Edit software can help you. Easily modify or fix all information stored in the NK2 file, including the display 5/5(23). Right-click 2 file that has name of the profile that you want to reset, and then select Rename. Rename the file as , and then press Enter. Start Outlook. Issues with the AutoComplete cache. This section describes known issues that can occur with the AutoComplete cache.


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Jun 23,  · How can I open 2 file to modify e-mail addresses? (Outlook ) We have changed the e-mail address format for students at our school. We are forwarding all e-mail sent to the old address for 60 days. Many of our faculty use the auto-complete when sending e-mail which won’t cause a problem until the forwarding stops. The nk2 file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\[User Profile]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache The name of the NK2 file is in the following format: Stream_Autocomplete_X_ The X is the file index (usually 0) and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is a random byte key in . Feb 10,  · In the Open box, type (or paste) /importnk2, and click OK to import the NK2 into your profile. 2 file is renamed with file name extension on the first start of Outlook If you need to re-import 2 file, remove file name ted Reading Time: 6 mins.
How can I open the .nk2 file to modify e-mail addresses? (Outlook 2007)
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How can I open the .nk2 file to modify e-mail addresses? – Microsoft Community
Information about the Outlook AutoComplete list
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Import or copy the Auto-Complete List to another computer – Outlook

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K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. Windows 11 Wallpapers. IObit Uninstaller. NK2Edit 3. Booo 2. Not Geeky 3. Average 4. Good 5. Major Geeks Special Offer:. This feature is known as ‘AutoComplete’ and Outlook automatically build this emails list according to user activity and save it into a file with. NK2 extension. NK2Edit Features: Easily modify or fix all information stored in the NK2 file, including the display name, the email address, the exchange string, the Drop-Down display name, and the search string.

Easily remove unwanted single quote characters from the display name and from the Drop-Down list. Delete unwanted emails, as well as add new emails, by typing them manually, or by choosing them from the address book of Outlook. Copy NK2 records from one NK2 file to another – simply by copy and paste! Build a completely new NK2 file and add the desired emails into it, by typing them manually, by adding them from your address book, or by copying records from another NK2 file.

Extract data from corrupted NK2 files that Outlook cannot read anymore When Outlook AutoComplete stopped working and even repair them so Outlook will be able to read them again. Export all data stored in the NK2 file into a special Unicode text file in a structure similar to. You can open it any text editor you like, make the changes you need, and then convert it back into NK2 file that Outlook can use.

Export the emails information stored inside NK2 file directly into the contacts of Outlook. Copy the selected NK2 records in tab-delimited format and then paste the information into Excel.

Change the order of the records in the NK2 file, which also affects the order they appear in the drop-down. You can also sort the list in alphabetical order of the Drop-Down display names. However, be aware that Outlook changes the order again when the user sends emails Command-Line Support: Write simple scripts that can add, remove, or modify records inside the NK2 file, without displaying any user interface.

NK2Edit is a portable application that can be used from any computer with Windows operating system Starting from Windows without the need of any installation process, and without making changes in the Registry.

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