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What does the word ectoskeleton mean? Find and lookup the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of the word ectoskeleton in our free online dictionary! May 10,  · The leader in exoskeleton technology. Over the past fifteen years, we’ve continued to drive our expertise in creating wearable devices to augment human potential. Our exoskeleton technology is helping with endurance and allowing human capabilities to go beyond previous limits. They are also bringing hope to individuals who may be dealing with paralysis or confined to a ted Reading Time: 2 mins. Abilities Physical Augmentation: As stated previously, the suit main ability is that it can increase the user’s physical Ghost Powers: If Danny Phantom is the user, then the Ecto-Skeleton will also possess ghost powers, such as his Ghost Ghost Ray: When Danny was in the suit his green Ghost.


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Get it as soon as Thu, Jun FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 19 left in stock – order soon. Sure Squat – The First Elastic Exoskeleton and Lifting Belt Designed to Improve Technique and Performance. Created to Increase Squat Weight, Lift Through Injuries, and Ensure Proper Mechanics. $ $ May 22,  · Animal Instincts A science experiment created by humans (Y/n) Knows little of her own kind, and little of the world from hiding with her human family. When the barrier breaks and monsters integrate with society (Y/n) sees this as her chance to have a normal life. When she finally sees another skeleton who’s to say what may happen? Oct 21,  · Exoskeletons are a wearable technology that wraps around the trunk and legs to help individuals with paraplegia walk again. The use of exoskeletons is typically recommended for individuals with a T3 level of spinal cord injury or below. Starting at the T3 level of injury, sensation and movement of the arms and hands will not be affected.
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The ability to utilize a technologically powerful suit of armor. Opposite to Symbiotic Costume and Enchanted Armor. The user utilizes a specialized suit of armor by using technology alone. Armor may be powered by the user’s thoughts, so the user would have to concentrate if the suit is to high-tech function properly. With all mechanical power the armor possesses, there are cutbacks. The suit may need a source of supply power to activate or the suit would use the user’s life energy, thus rendering the user unconscious or dead.

The suit may even enhance the powers of those who already have powers. The suit may be equipped with all sorts of gadgets the user can use. See Also: Powered Armor. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki.

I finally found a way to merge all my different armor modes into one. Armor that can change shape and color scheme based on mission stats. Armor not attached to biology in the way that freaks just about everybody out but is completely attached to my brain synapses.

I have to take this out. Eva Unit Neon Genesis Evangelion is an angel converted into a high-tech battle suit, and one of the thirteen Evangelion series; Unit is unique in being the strongest. Don Krieg One Piece wears an indestructible armor that is equipped with a wide variety of weapons guns, flamethrowers, bombs, etc.

The Germa 66 One Piece are equipped with the Raid Suit, an advanced shape memory armour that are not only fire proof but also comes equipped with technological accessories for warfare.

Mewtwo’s M2 Bind armor Pokemon regulates its mighty power. Tatenashi Sarashiki Infinite Stratos equipped with Mysterious Lady, a 3rd Generation IS that is able to controls water by using nano-machines infused in the water. Valerie Gray Danny Phantom in her ghost-hunting suit. The Ecto-Skeleton Danny Phantom was capable of amplifying Danny’s ghost powers fold, but at the cost of drastically exhausting his body.

Jazz Fenton Danny Phantom wearing the Fenton Ghost Peeler, which is a hand-held blaster that can surround the user with body armor, a helmet, and a larger blaster. Skulker Danny Phantom is actually a small blob who wears a large battle suit to hide his identity. David Xanatos Gargoyles in his red battle armor. When Dib’s Invader Zim skeleton was crushed by a paramedic in a freak piggy accident in an alternate timeline, his father Professor Membrane created for him the MegaBoy , a fusion-powered titanium exoskeleton that “gave him the strength of ten thousand little boys!

Kim Kim Possible wear the battlesuit, created by Wade Load. Shriek Batman Beyond Suit is a high-tech suit that weaponizes sound. When the Ninja is in the suit his his mystical Ninja Suit then his physical strength is increased to a thousand fold. The Shredder Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles uses a high-tech exoskeleton that increases his strength and possesses multiple retractable blades in each arm, which can be fired off as projectiles and magnetically recalled.

Lex Luthor Supergirl created a high tech suit which is made to fight Kryptonians like Superman or Supergirl. Virgil Tracy Thunderbirds Are Go in his exoskeleton. Space Marines Warhammer 40k have very powerful armor.

When X Mega Man X series wears his First Armor , he is able to dash through the air, take less damage, fire a more powerful Charge Shot, break blocks with his head, and even fire the Hadouken. In his Second Armor , X can dash through the air, take less damage, fire more powerful Charge Shots, finds secret passages with his Item Tracer, yield unlimited ammo, unleash his Giga Crash attack, and even perform the Shouryuken.

In his Fourth Armor , X can dash and hover in the air, take less damage, fire the Plasma Charge Shot, fire endless uncharged special weapons, and use his incredibly powerful Nova Strike. In his Ultimate Armor , X possesses all of the enhancements provided by the Fourth Armor and can use the Nova Strike for an unlimited amount of time. In his Falcon Armor , X can fire more of his special weapons, take less damage, fire his Spear Charged Shot that hat can penetrate surfaces, terrain and shields, use the Giga Attack, and execute Free Move to stay airborne.

In his Blade Armor , X an fire more of his special weapons, take less damage, fire his Plasma Shot, and use his Mach Dash to dash through the air. Also, with Z-Saber mounted to his X-Buster, he can utilize the Charged Saber to unleash powerful slash attack that can destroy enemy projectiles.

Samuel Rodrigues Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance unlike most among Desperado and others like Raiden, he had instead donned a powered exoskeleton…. Samus Aran Metroid wearing her trademark power suit. Pharah Overwatch possesses a high tech suit that belonged to her squadron. Winston Overwatch being a scientist created a powerful suit to achieve short range jumps and enhanced durability. A male Inkling Splatoon wearing the Power Mask, granting improved defense, Power Armor, granting a reduced respawn time, and Power Boots, granting reduced ink consumption by their main weapon.

Terran Marines Starcraft have a very powerful terranial armor. The Nanosuit 2 Crysis is made of reverse-engineered alien nanotechnology and is so adaptable and advanced, it behaves more like a symbiotic organism than traditional armor.

Spacebear Spacebear wears a Xyber-suit fitted with Xyber Science to hunt down criminals. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.