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Nov 25,  · ask drawpile settings brush OLD STUFF RANDOM SANS I don’t really have better example But I think that messing with the brush is an important step to do on drawpile Just have fun an try a lot of settings dude!Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. First, check the preferences dialog. Try checking or unchecking the “Use Windows Ink” option. When Windows Ink support is not available, you must have Wintab drivers installed. Note that you must restart Drawpile for the setting change to take effect. Respect your fellow user. Be kind, helpful, and patient. Be appropriate. No hate speech, sexual misconduct, or aggressive behaviors. In NSFW rooms, your drawing subjects should be legal. Characters are 18+ and must be drawn to look that way. Additionally, common community guidelines apply.


Drawpile brush settings.Brush presets UI redesign · Issue # · drawpile/Drawpile · GitHub

Brush size adjustment: The brush size can be adjusted quickly in two ways: Press [or ] (customizable) Mouse wheel up&down while holding Shift; Hold Shift and drag up & down. Show/hide docks: Press Tab (customizable.) Quick color picking: Hold down control and click to pick the color under the cursor. May 27,  · underfart-snas: * i always work with 1px. * opacity and hardness is max while spacing is zero. * for sketching i check all three boxes under the sliders, for linework i uncheck opacity and hardness, leaving size checked. * if you’re looking for smoother lines you wanna go to the bottom right where you find the layers and click input, i have the smoothing slider about two notches down from . Brushes and Tools – Help – Drawpile. Freehand and eraser tool. The freehand tool is the basic drawing tool. You can adjust the settings of the selected brush in the tool dock. A brush can Straight line, Rectangle and Ellipse. Bezier curve. Flood fill. Annotation.

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Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Right now, Drawpile has a five tool preset buttons that allow the user to prepare a set of tools and quickly switch between them.

However, I’ve never been entirely satisfied with how the tool slot system works. It’s a bit unintuitive and several bug reports have indicated that the custom header can cause the dock window to lock in place in some cases.

So, here’s is my idea for a replacement: a pie menu that pops up by clicking the right mouse button. This is similar to Krita’s pie menu. There is a color wheel in the center and tools in the pie slices. Brush presets are represented by sample graphics and other tools by their icon. This new menu would be a set of presets rather than tool slots. Changing the parameters of the active tool would not affect the preset.

Instead, a preset must be stored explicitly. Some way of making this discoverable to new users is needed. Opinions everyone? Do you feel this would be an improvement over the current system, or do you prefer the way it works now? The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. I personally like the squares, but thats probably from years of pchat use. I also think having a big square to click in a static place really helps with muscle memory and speed drawing can easily click a spot on my tablet almost mindlessly, to get the brush I want.

However, the pie menu is a neat idea. Maybe keep the old tool palette and also add this one on top of it? A way to switch which one shows? Maybe more slots for custom tools in the square menu? This one is slightly off topic but, maybe a function to lock dock positions, too? Anytime I slightly drag on a dock it cuts it out of position colors, tools, and layer docks are common offenders. If I implement the pie menu, I’d rather not keep the old buttons around, since the goal is to simplify the layout rather than pile additional complexity on top of it.

Muscle memory-wise, the menu should be as easy or maybe even easier to use as the header buttons. My main concern is the difference between tool slots and tool presets. The current tool slot system can be thought of as a preset system, where the preset is automatically updated when tool properties are changed.

The new system would require the presets to be explicitly updated. This feature was added in 1. I prefer the squares as well, and I fully utilize the current system for presets. Personally, I do not think I would enjoy this mechanic; I couldn’t see myself being nearly as fast or fluid with it. Some questions: How would this work for coloring systems other than the wheel? And, would we still have the option of 5 existing presets for any tool, at once?

That is very valuable to me. NewSpice the color wheel in the center would not replace the sliders and palette, but would merely be an additional quick way of selecting a color.

The pie menu lets you have more presets, since it’s not as limited in size. I think I’ll give the pie menu a try. I’ll implement it in a way that’s easy to revert if it turns out to be worse than the current system. That would be far more useful than having tools around you. Here’s a work-in-progress picture. The color chooser is the only part that is functional at the moment. The brush previews are rendered the same way as in the tool dock preview widget.

I like having a Tool menu that is always on screen. Having to have to pull up my tool options Brushes, Paint Bucket, Select Tool, etc with a right click is not something i’m interested in when I could just click the menu on screen to begin with. It’s always there and in the same place.

My only issue with the idea is having to make it pop up with right clicking. I don’t set my tablet pen to right click, and I’d rather have my brushes available to me at all times. Just to clarify, the pie menu is a replacement for the tool slot button bar as seen in the first screenshot at the top of the page.

The main toolbar is not affected. That not all tablet pens have a right click is a good point. There will be a configurable shortcut key to pop up the menu as an alternative to right click. Beta 3 is now out. I’d be interested in hearing what everyone thinks about the new preset system after trying it out for real. The beta uses the same DLLs as the 1.

Muscle memory is important and popups menus for brush presets are objectively not good and slow down the painting process too much. Continued in issue Skip to content. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels Discussion Feature Usability. Copy link. Member Author. I tend to use the text box input instead the sliders to change the property parameter of a brush and almost everytime when I press my key numbers it changes to a different preset by mistake I haven’t isolate this bug.

About the color selection, I use the hexadecimal value of colors in other softwares, but I couldn’t do it in DrawPile. Workaround is copy and paste a printscreen of the colors in the canvas and copy the color. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment. Discussion Feature Usability.

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