Don t open your eyes.Don’t Open Your Eyes


Don t open your eyes.(Don’t) Open Your Eyes


Try to deny your nighttime visitor in this free horror game.Download (Don’t) Open Your Eyes 1 for Windows –


Jan 11,  · (Don’t) Open Your Eyes is a horror game where you’re sleeping and some possible monster whispers into your ear and really wants you to open your eyes. It’s i. 6 rows · Sep 24,  · Don’t Open Your Eyes: Directed by Dmitry Yun. With Tom Kemnitz Jr., Gergana Mellin, Jamie Carroll, /10(). A midnight encounter. (Don’t) Open Your Eyes is a short yet compelling horror game with fully-voiced dialogue. (Don’t) Open Your Eyes uses an engaging art style to portray the horror aspect of the 4/


Don t open your eyes.Download (Don’t) Open Your Eyes for Windows – Free –

“(Don’t) Open Your Eyes” is a short, horror-themed Visual Novel about a midnight encounter with a mysterious being. Through conversation, you’ll learn more about them, such as their journey so far, or what they think about themselves. And every now and then, it’ll make a simple request out of you: to open your eyes.5/5(). Jan 11,  · (Don’t) Open Your Eyes is a horror game where you’re sleeping and some possible monster whispers into your ear and really wants you to open your eyes. It’s i. This spooky game will immerse you in a blood-chilling atmosphere of being alone in a dark house. You are trying to fall asleep, but you keep hearing strange noises and seeing disturbing things. Perhaps there is some evil spirit after you? Better don’t open your eyes or 5/5(1).
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Sign In. Don’t Open Your Eyes Hide Spoilers. I’ve noticed a pattern here on IMDb that a lot of the readership tends to respond badly to highly negative reviews, even if the movie being reviewed seriously has it coming. If you’re one of THOSE people, you should probably just skip this review because reviews don’t get more relentlessly negative than this one.

I’m literally getting a brain cramp trying to conjure up the appropriate verbiage to properly communicate how appallingly awful this movie genuinely is. See what happened with that last sentence? Plot line: homecare worker takes a job in a remote location caring for a mentally, emotionally and physically compromised old woman only to have things go pear-shaped in a demonic way.

The end. Cinematography: you get two choices with this film. It’s either so dark that you can’t see anything or you CAN see something and you wish you couldn’t.

In those scenes where you CAN see something, it’s all sloppily performed, perpetually drifting angles that are horrifying because they’re terrible workmanship rather than because they’re depicting a scary scene. If you were in high school in the mids, remember when you watched a film in class? Remember how all the colors were muted and everything looked like an uncomfortable winter’s day were you should have just stayed in bed? Same thing. Music: most movies have scores wherein the composer carefully composed music to match the movie scene by scene and shot by shot to appropriately score the musical passages to match and enhance what’s happening on the screen.

Repetitive and uninspiring and completely unrelated music is simply played in the background with the general hope that it kinda sorta matches the feeling of the scene. Often, when a scene comes to an end before the music does, the music just abruptly shuts off or switches to something else.

Acting: ugh I think I’m going to be sick. The male nurse, who apparently is supposed to be the “lead” actor of the film, should have been replaced with a life-size cardboard cutout of himself when it comes to “emoting”. For example, bearing in mind that this male nurse is supposedly being confronted with demonic activity, the only emotion he appears to be able to portray I would call “slouching petulance”.

Imagine a teenage girl who’s been told she can’t go to the dance with that hot bad boy and has to stay home and be grounded for even trying. The world is just too much to bear and she goes slouching around the house, listlessly, as if she’s had diarrhea for a month.

Well, this male nurse was just like that when confronted with demonic activity. Apparently demonic activity is like, “unfair” or something. Pacing: none. There was maybe four minutes of actual action during the course of the entire film.

The rest of the movie is interminable shots of the old woman, the nurse, or the woman who hired the nurse just standing or sitting there “emoting” to nothing in particular, all set to vaguely inappropriate background music, the combined effect of which makes you want to shove a Bowie knife in your ear in the hopes of ending it all. Their primary response to this set of conditions is to make the life of any person around them a continuous hell on earth for as long as the situation persists.

If you’ve ever had to live through this, it is utterly excruciating. At least your suffering won’t be polluted with appalling workmanship. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. After watching the trailer I was excited to see this movie. First I have to say I thought the actors did a great job! So when you see these reviews please don’t blame yourselves, you guys are the only reason this thing stayed a float as long as it did.

As for the writer, I think it was a creative and cool “concept” you had but the over all story line just got tedious as dialog in the movie became nothing more than random sputtering making no sense at all. Very hard to understand and I don’t mean because of an actors accent, I mean the lines given to her were just meaningless utter nonsense leaving the viewer in complete confusion.

To make matters worse, the ending made absolutely no sense what so ever. What even happen to john? What was the little boys ghost role in the movie? I mean so many things that were not really planned out when making the movie. The shooting of the movie, editing, scenery were all good too. Again, story line was sorely lacking and if anything left viewers frustrated asking questions.

Don’t open your eyes aka Don’t bother I downloaded and watched this low budget pos yesterday. Saturday afternoon, nice day, relaxing on my day off, it’s the weekend, I feel like watching some horror, what the hell.

When I say this was just slow awful and stupid, I’m being very nice. Don’t open your eyes to this crap is a better title or don’t even bother, would be more suitable, this was just awful. Avoid this three cast F upped class horror.. A portion of my day off ruined. I really liked the cinematography which was atmospheric and reminded me of classic horrors such as The Omen and The Exorcist, with wintry outside shots slightly blue grey.

For the most part the visuals in the film were excellent – moody with interesting shot choices that really kept visual interest. As for the story. It was an interesting concept that fell far short in delivery. In the end this film became tedious to watch. Long dialogues that were difficult to understand and make out through the thick accent of the main actress -Gergana Mellin – and her portrayal of the character. No doubt she is a good actress and her theatre experience showed through, but something went very wrong in the volley of scenes where she relays important information about the story that just get lost.

Perhaps it was a technical issue – either way, it just ended up being boring to try and figure out. I also think there was a severe lack of build-up to some of the pivotal parts in the film. They just seemed to happen without any drama associated with them, and were gone as soon as they arrived. This led to a linear experience watching this film. There was nothing to get excited about, scared at, or have any particular emotional response to.

The ending also left a lot to be desired. Again, there was no build up or anticipation and it just happened fairly much as expected. There are other points that detract from the enjoyment of watching this film, but I can’t be bothered going in to them. It is a shame. There were brilliant aspects such as the visuals, then the abysmal application of story telling. This is not a film I would want to watch again, which it could have been with a little more thought going in to telling the story.

This movie was interesting some moments was like wow. But the rest was really boring and sometimes he didn’t make any sense. Not so bad. I’m the kind of person who likes things everyone else scoffs at and abhors the popular so it’s not surprising to find myself enjoy this movie.

Then again, the main character reminded me so much of a former friend of mine, I was a bit more patient with it than others who’ve reviewed this. Yes, it’s a cheap, low budget movie that is very clearly someone’s pet project. The kind of schlock I love. So, we have a male nurse who takes a job as a home hospice carer to save money for his wedding, frequently pulling out the engagement ring to remind himself of why he’s putting up with the needs of this sour, foul tempered old lady whose suffering appears to be caused by her one instance of showing a hint of joy.

But the old lady is a practicing occultist and has prolonged her own life at the expense of victims, who continue to prowl about and go “boo! Our boy is stuck in the house after the adopted daughter of the biddy just straight up leaves him there with the dead lady in the most blatant construction of the isolation trope you may ever find. He’s left to stumble about in the dark with a spooketty tape recorder and come to terms with the failings of faith and traditions while being harassed by spoopies and ghoulies who come out at night to be creepy.

There are a couple points of the movie lacking in any logic or reasoning. Less as plot holes and more a lazy cop-out of “ghosts did it! It could have been streets better. Still, it’s not so worthy of trashing.

Not really. Or I’m just being nice because the guy reminds me of someone I knew. One or the other. Very confusing plot. Might have understood more if I understood the dialogue. But a lot of the lines were mumbled or too thickly accented or drowned out by music.

Subtitles would have helped a lot. Acting and photography was OK but the film was very slow and tedious. Don’t bother with this one. Don’t open your eyes has its flaws, that’s for sure. Lots of them, from too-heavy accents to pacing issues to the composed music drowning out the dialogue. If you look past that, though, it is a very creepy diamond in the rough.

Watching it reminded me of when I first read Stephen King’s Gramma, it felt like it drew inspiration directly from that. Needless to say, Gramma freaked me out, so naturally, this freaked me out too.