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Apr 10,  · Fingerprint Logon Manager – This one stop command center allows you to create, edit and delete fingerprint logons and account data as well as recover passwords that you have previously entered and may have forgotten. Access it from the One Touch Menu, the . Privacy policy End User License Agreement. Oct 28,  · DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader Software not only provides you with biometric tools, it also comes with a password manager, which can protect access to specific websites and apps. With the password manager you can add multiple online accounts, /10().


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DigitalPersona LDS Kiosk and DigitalPersona AD Kiosk are c lient applications managed by an DigitalPersona LDS or DigitalPersona AD Server, that are specifically designed for environments where users need fast, convenient and. Jun 25,  · DigitalPersona Password Manager DigitalPersona Password Manager. Choose the most popular programs from Antivirus & Security software. (4 votes) (See all) Microsoft. Review Comments Questions & Answers Update program info/5(4). Sep 21,  · Click Start, point to All Programs, point to DigitalPersona Password Manager, and then click Fingerprint Registration Wizard. Follow the Fingerprint Registration Wizard instructions on the screen. When you’re finished registering fingerprints, click Finish.
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After searching a long time, I still found no solution or hint about getting the MS Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader to work. Although the driver installs fine, the DigitalPersona Password Manager software won’t install. What am I supposed to do now?

Is there any chance to get the device to work with Windows Vista? Are there any plans at MS to support this feature in the near future? Maybe there is another software on the market?

Anybody has a clue? Sign me up for the same problem. It blows my mind that Microsoft wouldn’t have tested and made sure ALL MS branded hardware worked in Vista wayyyy before releasing in beta to the public. The driver may install ok, but as far as I’m concerned, if I can’t swipe my finger — it doesn’t work. I am moving your question to the applications forum, they should be able to provide more guidance, or point you in a better direction.

I have the same issue with the stand alone fingerprint reader, drivers install but no software to enter a fingerprint, etc. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled etc, any ideas? I also have the fingerprint reader You’re missing the main point. It is stated by MS that their Beta product should not be used on a main computer or with programs on your computer that you cannot afford to loose or do without.

If you guys cannot live without your precious fingerprint readers then revert back to XP where it will function without any problems and wait until January when you can buy with your own funds a fully functioning copy of VISTA and if you have any problems then, you will have a ligitimate complaint. Gimme a break. I agree fully with most of your comments but and can even understand with the Digital Persona stuff being a slight issue because of third part issues but to not even have Intellitype or a working program to set up my keyboard buttons?

That is ridiculous! Yeah, I can live without this stuff never really used the fingerprint reader much anyway because I only wanted to use it to unlock my workstation and MS decided for me that I can’t do that on a domain login but I am pretty sure MS wants us to complain. Why else do they host these forums?

You think maybe MS is looking at these once in awhile? Yeah, save your data, image your machine and backup up whatever.

I could take the hard drive out of this machine and throw it in the garbage and be fine. Guess what, I am not a moron. I would not bet my life on Win2k or XP either. Because there are scores of computer Manufacturing companies, there are bound to be problems with things not functioning properly for everyone.

The chances are that everything worked properly for MS in their facility before the beta release. So if something does not function with your machine, MS is looking for feedback from you as to what it is That is why they take a certain amount of info about what’s running on your machine to be able to come up with a fix that might be synonnimous with similar computer systems.

They are not looking for whining Brats who expect a fee OS without any bugs. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Take your pick. If you want to beta test, then please do so and stop complaining. Better yet start writing your own code. As stated in a different posting, I am a MS Groupie. No doubt about it and I don’t apologize. They are my bread and butter and have been for 10 years. However, I take all forums with a grain of salt but as an IS guy, I am often just happy to see that I am not the only guy out there experiencing a problem.

If people don’t post their issues, then what are we supposed to post out here? Yeah, parts of this thread have gone down the tubes but your and mine too bitter insults don’t help much.

Note that you need 3 working components:. I’m exactly in the same situation. When i push the button “change user” and try it again, it works!? Entering in password protected websites within vista is working well no problem.

But the login after a reboot or when the pc is locked does’n work. I’m wondering that hardware from micrsosoft in combination with an operating system from microsoft is not working without problems like this I am looking for a Fingerprint reader that will work with Windows Vista.

Any Help??? Same problem here with the version 2. Microsoft we want a solution, how can you explain that your own software runs so bad and we only have support for 32 bit?

I do have the same Vista login problem using the Microsoft fingerprint reader and I can’t solve it. But, just on the PC of my wife. My own PC same Vista edition and many other simularities works fine. The fingerprint unlocks the PC whenever it’s locked with no problems.

That means, it propably does work, but I don’t know why and how. I recently purchased the finger print scanner sold by Microsoft and it works very smoothly except that I can not use it in my regular account with “power user” rights.

I am using “windows XP” and not vista but this problem is likely going to be occuring in Vista. In any case I have not found many thing about problems with the password manager so I figure I would try my luck here. When I use “power user” account, which is my default account for safety reasons, when I feel the info in the password manager, only the finger print logon display any data and the account associated for the finger print logon are not available. This does not occur when I use my admin account.

I believe that this is related to right priviledges to either some files or registry keys. So I am a little lost as too why the information regarding the account are not saved. Does anyone have the same problem, or does anyone tried to see if this software works for a person whoo is not on the admin list? If so has anyone found a workaround? DigitalPersona Password Manager 2. MarvinK wrote:. There is a beta floating around–but they aren’t accepting people for it!

I seem to have a different problem. I’ve installed DigitalPersona 2. But when I go to set up a logon for Hotmail, the system tells me that it is not a logon page or some such. If I go to eBay, I get the same message forbidding me from creating a logon for eBay.

This is all quite frustrating in that on my WinXP desktop systems, it all works just peachy, but on my Vista Home laptop, I get these problems.

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone have a solution for me? Many thanks for your help in advance!!! I already have Intellimouse 6. I instaled DigitalPersona Password Manager 2. I can log on to Windows and I can use the reader to create a password logon for an IE web page that needs credentials. That seems to work OK. The problem occurs when I lock my workstation Win-L.

When the workstation is locked, the tile on the Vista logon screen indicates “Touch the fingerprint reader to unlock”. But when I do that, it indicated a bad username or password. So it works fine when logging on to Windows, but NOT when unlocking a locked workstation. I can still unlock the workstation via normal password entry, but the fingerprint reader fails.

For more information about your fingerprint reader and to review your support options, go online to the Microsoft Corporation website:. Microsoft Corporation”. Tutis Technologies provide that type of software its easy to install. A software development kit SDK or ” devkit ” is typically a set of development tools that allows a software engineer to create applications for a certain software package, software framework, hardware platform, computer system, video game console, operating system, or similar.

Well to get the reader to work you must have installed a Microsoft Windows Password into it first. The reader alone does not do much. Did you have the reader set up with your Microsoft account password?

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