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Mar 18,  · This actually explains why when you open Conemu to a Cmder command (which Conemu is set up for), you get 16 Consolas (10pt Consolas in PuTTY) as the font, however if you haven’t set up Putty or BUW with similar settings, things will look different. First, how to set up the font in ConEmu Conemu’s font settings are set in the Settings. As Windows console window enhancement (local terminal emulator), ConEmu presents multiple consoles and simple GUI applications (like PuTTY for example) as one customizable tabbed GUI window with various features. Moreover, due to deep integration, ConEmu is the best companion for Far Manager (FAR in Wikipedia), my favorite shell replacement. Both PuTTY and mintty are not console applications, they are independent terminals providing connections to remote hosts or your local cygwin/msys installation. Being ChildGui applications they do painting on their window canvas, instead of using standard input/output as console applications do.


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ConEmu is ranked 2nd while PuTTY is ranked 7th. The most important reason people chose ConEmu is: You can configure a plethora of settings, including shortcuts and aesthetics (background image, transparency, colors, and fonts) per software. rows · Activate ConEmu and ‘CD’ to last (top in Z-order) Explorer window path: . ConEmu screenshots. Take a look at ConEmu window screenshots below. Screenshots of Settings dialog are located here. Also, some screencasts are available. ConEmu splits with cmd and powershell. Bash on Windows in ConEmu. ConEmu and Solarized Git. Far, cmd, Notepad and PUTTY started in ConEmu. PuTTY and notepad in ConEmu splits. CJK support in ConEmu.
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They are drawing their contents themselves using WinApi. ChildGui applications, even they have their own console-like interfaces, are not ConsoleApplication s. This is one of the most common console-related delusions. ConEmu acts as simple holder for these ChildGui-s. ChildGui support was developed for simple applications.

It will not be working with those ones which runs several windows from single process PID , runs bunch of child processes or reuses single process for new windows. For example, you maximize ConEmu window but child application remains its small size. That will look weird, small framed child window with caption inside ConEmu workspace.

These application process all mouse and keyboard events, draw the contents including selection areas internally. One more note about hotkeys. When you are running ChildGui, all keypressed must be passed to that application. Keyboard focus is located in that ChildGui application but not in ConEmu. It is checked by default, so you will see only child application client area. Child window menu for notepad.

But ConEmu may popup child system menu for you. Single process, single window ChildGui support was developed for simple applications. Hotkeys limitations One more note about hotkeys. But there are few workarounds.

Hotkeys with Win key are working even if ChildGui has focus. Also there are hotkeys to force focus to be set in ConEmu or ChildGui. At last you may still use mouse to switch tabs.

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