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Cant uninstall kingroot.Problems after Kingroot


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After running the last command from terminal (sh /sdcard/mrw/), you will get several dialogs that tell you KingUser has stopped, just press ‘OK’. The new SuperSu installation will ask you whether you need to uninstall other super user apps that cause a conflict (read, KingUser). Allow it to uninstall KingUser then restart, and that’s it! Simply follow the steps below: Launch the Kingroot app Tap on the options icon and select Settings Under kingroot settings, select Uninstall Kingroot A prompt will be displaying indicating “ After unroot, you will lose root access “. Select Continue. After that, a warning indicating that removing Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Dec 22,  · Root the device again and then try using the Supersu-me app to convert to SuperSU. If the stock firmware isn’t available, try using adb to remove kingroot. There is an easy method to uninstall kinguser. The steps are mentioned with related screenshots in the link given below; How to Uninstall Kinguser.


Cant uninstall kingroot.rooting – How to remove KINGroot? – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

Mar 03,  · Check if KingRoot is enabled as device administrator (under settings≥security), sometimes it’s difficult to uninstall apps with such privileges Try to uninstall the app from within itself, rather than dragging to uninstall (you will need to reinstall su binaries with this method, but if your goal is to just get rid of KingRoot for another SU app it’s worth a go). Simply follow the steps below: Launch the Kingroot app Tap on the options icon and select Settings Under kingroot settings, select Uninstall Kingroot A prompt will be displaying indicating “ After unroot, you will lose root access “. Select Continue. After that, a warning indicating that removing Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. May 09,  · I cant uninstall kingroot. I done all the usual things I even did a factory reset of the whole phone wiped off everything and started from scratch. I even tried several system root uninstallers from playstore but still same problem. My phone is a Huwawei G .
How to Uninstall Kingroot
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Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! When I try to extract the Is it worth looking elsewhere? Like could a bad file cause damage or is the worst itl do is not work? I guess I’m safe anyway with the update zip? EarlyMon The PearlyMon. Your phone is valuable. If it were me – I’d clean that all away with the full update, and either wait as long as it takes for a pc, or really nail down the specifics in no uncertain terms before trying that way again.

But that’s just me. Oops forgot the pic of the error while extracting. Do you have a link for it bro. Can’t find it. It’s maybe “not compatible” with my phone but oh it’s free someone could extract the apk and share it with me EDIT I’d spelled it wrong lol. Thanks guys and bcrichster I owe it a bit cold one mate. Extra thanks. Slug likes this.

Slug Check six! Good to see that you managed to get SuperSU in there, mate. Enrico Acharya Lurker. I rooted my phone using Kingroot and unrooted it using the same app as i got to know that rooting blocks the ota updates BUt it didn’t fix the issue.. PlZ help me out!! RollinStone Newbie. Jfalls63 Android Expert. If root failed nothing should have been installed in system.

You should be able to use a file explorer and do a device search for “king” to locate any junk and delete it. In file manager, I still have two folders left that did not remove and they are greyed out when I try to delete them with file manager. They are KingMaster which shows only a. Also, I was told in a msg from the site One Click Root, that in order to insure all KingRoot files are gone I should reflash the stock firmware.

As I said, Root Checker, said the phone was not rooted, yet I had all these install files from it and it was running according to running apps view. Look in app manager-all and see if they are there.

If so delete. They may have been deleted with King root but doubt it. You could reboot then look with file explorer again. Flashing the firmware would be definite way to make sure all gone. Yes I do not see anything left now anywhere. Before I proceed further in rooting, or flashing I want to read up on everything to more fully understand all ramifications. One question I have on rooting is, I would like to insure the phone is still able to get all of the automatic updates or update notifications from MetroPCS or google play store.

In other words I’d just like to be able to root, then forget about it, I don’t want to have to continually manage the root. I’ve never had an SD card, yet, for example and reading about that so far it sounds like things can get messy if you move apps to the SD card and all that, if the phone is rooted.

Or maybe I am just misunderstanding the whole process. I really don’t know that much about it yet. I went and installed KingRoot thinking that I could just run it once, root it and forget about it. Do all rooting methods leave a process running that takes care of the rooting and can thus have conflicts?

I was kind of under the impressing that it was just assigning admin authority like in windows, set it and forget it. That brings up another issue of concern since I don’t know much about android nor android apps. I would not want to open up hacking exploits by having some root process running that I know little about. Thanks for the feedback and if I do decide to go ahead and try rooting again I want to use whatever method that leaves the phone as much like stock as possible.

Never take a OTA update while rooted. Depending on device you could either just loose root or end up with a nice paper weight. Rooting doesn’t affect Play Store and apps will update normally. Kingroot and other one click root methods I usually treat as last resort.

What phone model do you have? Can look for proper root method for your phone that doesn’t install anything you don’t want. Newer version of carrier software becoming hard to root especially 5. I never had need to move apps to SD card but know it only moves a portion, not whole app.

Maine reason I root is to delete the pre installed crap apps. I’ve tried everything in that regard that I can think of. May just not be supported on I see a lot of people are having that issue. Maybe it’s just the LG suite that has the problem as I have no problem with win file manager seeing the phone.

If you ask me I am really getting tired of the corporations using us as their testers. So anyway, your saying after I root, I will always be on the c version of firmware even if they release say, a d version? I”ll have to not allow that? Also, I may, need to flash my current firmware since I might want to be sure I don’t have anything from KingRoot hanging around.

I dunno if I want to try that either since I’m such a noob, If I were to do that, do I lose any information? Similar Threads – Problems Kingroot. Replies: 0 Views: Thegreenpan Jun 10, A10e sim problem buzz76 , Jun 5, , in forum: Android Devices.

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